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This entry marks the final entry in The Mystic Review Seven Week Chakra series but it does not end my work with the chakra system.  As noted in my previous post, this work is ongoing.  

As Liz Simpson says in her wonderful book The Book of Chakra Healing:  

"We have now worked our way up to the Crown (Seventh) Chakra.  This is not a destination or conclusion but a rebirth, as we prepare for continual unfolding of new experience."  I could not agree with her more.

One of the most frustrating things about living a spiritually centered life is the apparent capriciousness of spirit itself.  The spiritual seeker struggles to establish a connection, has an amazing epiphany, incredible dream or breathtaking meditative experience and then spends weeks or months or even years trying to recreate it.  

When the next spiritual event occurs however, it is rarely a re-creation but something altogether new and perfect for that moment.

This is because each intense spiritual experience is, in itself, a break through.  The sensation of the divine, whatever its intensity, is not the destination.  Instead, it is a doorway.  Once we have passed through this portal we are changed and, whether we are aware of it or not, there is no need to recreate the experience of transition.  

It will come again, but differently.

The Sanskrit name for the crown chakra, Sahasrara, means "thousandfold."  Its symbol is a blossom of a thousand snow white petals, representing the concept of infinity.  And spirit is nothing if not infinite.

My journey through the chakras has not been a linear but cyclical, tracing an ongoing, sometimes seemingly erratic path through the process of transformation.   

This morning marks the end of a seven week chakra cycle.  I surround myself with the stones of the seventh chakra - spiky deep purple amethyst clusters and shining quartz crystal points - and light a stick of frankincense.  I sit on my bed.  Shut my eyes.  And wait.

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  1. Crown chakra is the top and the most important in the seven chakras. It is the most important and hard to develop because it controls the spiritual actions in our mind.

  2. Thank you for your thoughts, Psychic. The crown chakra is a very important energy indeed. And I agree, it can be a tough one to develop!


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