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So far, this series has been the individual chakras and this one is too insofar as it will touch on the throat chakra.  Mostly however, I want to discuss the charkas as a group with a special emphasis on color and flow.

I have a special affinity for the colors of the higher chakras.  This is not to say that I dislike red, yellow and orange.  I have orange curtains in my bedroom and a yellow coverlet and I think that red can be lots of fun as well.  Personally however, I find that these colors just don't carry the range of cooler end of the spectrum. 

For me yellow is pretty much always yellow differing only in degree and the same be said of orange as well as, to a lesser extent, of red.  Blue and green however can present in an infinite variety of almost individual colors. These are the colors of our world: new growth plants, jungle foliage, delicate mosses, Mediterranean seas, deep water and all the endless varieties of sky.  I find the spectrum of purples and violets somewhat narrower but equally beautiful.  All of these shades speak to me.

So color is one reason why I favor meditation on the higher chakras.  But there are other associations as well.  

The upper chakras relate to love and healing, communication, psychic abilities and spirit and I am more comfortable with these themes than I am with those of the so-called lower chakras.  What an over emphasis on the higher chakras overlooks however is the dynamic flow of energy that enervates the entire chakra system.  Like a well rooted tree, the upper chakras are very much dependent on the lower.

Love and intuition fair badly when they are not fed by confidence and trust.  A true connection with spirit is difficult when one is weighted down by attachment or resentment.  In short, the chakra system is very much a system.  If one chakra is overlooked in a meditative practice the whole tree withers.

This was  made very apparent to me when I found that I could not utilize my relatively healthy fifth or throat chakra without clearing my very obstructed solar plexus (see Finding my Center for full story).  Additionally I am realizing that the heart chakra is always compromised by issues of the first or second chakras.

If I am anything, I am a communicator and my most vivid meditative chakra experience reinforced this  strongly (see A Wall of Azure Blue).  And yet, while I can churn out fiction anytime anyplace, I am so hampered by insecurity when it comes to spiritual writing that I struggle with the manuscript I feel called to write.  Feelings of unworthiness are very much a first chakra issue - unresolved, our fifth chakra simply cannot function.

Working with the chakras is ongoing and frequently difficult practice.  It demands that we address deep-seated issues, focusing on the energetic residue of experiences we would rather just forget.  Because it focuses on energy, not language, the experience of these blockages can be intense.  I am nowhere near clearing them.  But I do keep at it.  

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