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I never repost but I wrote this entry just over a year ago and it seemed so appropriate to this part of the chakra series that I wanted to do more just link back to it.

I will point out that my understanding of experience is different now.  At the time, I associated my vision of color primarily with the 6th chakra.  It seems likely to me now that it related to the 5th as well. I consider it a message.

Blog Entry, May 6th, 2011:

I completed a guided chakra meditation today using the Sanaya Roman / Orin Opening the Chakras Meditation recording with really incredible results and wanted to share my experience.

I have been doing chakra meditations for sometime going back all the way back to the 80s and Shirley Maclaine's wonderful (no longer available anywhere) chakra meditation audio tapes. I have always been able to feel the chakras but found it difficult to actually visualize the beautiful spectrum of color which is an integral part of most chakra meditations.

While I can see things with my eyes closed at times quite clearly, bright vivid color has always been difficult for me (understand that I mean, not to imagine it, but to truly see it).  Any pictures I see with my eyes closed are usually muted in terms of hue though they may be quite detailed. Generally, the best I could do when I attempt to visualize solid color is  to see spots of color on a mostly dark field.  Today's meditation was quite different however.

The Opening the Chakra recording  begins with a guided relaxation which works very well for me.  Sanaya has a lovely gentle voice and wonderful energy and I find that I can connect quite well with her.  She begins this particular recording with a relaxation exercise which is very effective (but not sleep inducing) and then goes straight into the chakra work progressing as most meditations do from the root to the crown chakra and then continuing into additional soul work.

As I did the meditation, I found myself struggling to visualize color at the first chakra, able to see only a few spots of red against the dark field of my inner eyelids.  The second chakra was better.  I could see  patches of orange - a little bigger than those I had seen at the preceding chakra but not particularly bright.  When the meditation moved to the solar plexus chakra, however, my ability to visualize had improved.  I was able to see a very bright yellow  shining with a quality similar to sunlight.

At my heart charkra I got a lot of physical sensation and a nice fairly bright patch of green.  My experience of my throat charka was similar.  When I got to my third eye chakra however I saw a very distinct circle of violet, a bright vivid spot right at my third eye.  I had a very strong sensation of looking through this circle of color into another space.

Indigo Dye
Abruptly my entire field of vision changed to one of intense vivid azure blue.  It was so sudden, I had the sensation of a large blue door dropping straight down in front of me to create a solid wall of blue. I saw nothing but that bright plane, almost a azure blue, not unlike indigo in the form of solid dye or a sheet of pure azurite.  It was a little disturbing to see such a solid wall of color.  But wall is not exactly right either because despite the intensity of the shade it had the quality of light.  It was as if a giant screen had suddenly come on  and then somehow surrounded me.

Then the blue field changed to violet, then almost a plum color. I saw a burst of white light when the meditation progressed to the crown chakra but the field of blue returned.  When the recording directed that I work back down through the chakras the blue changed to a luminescent  almost neon red with many points of light - like small sparks.

This field of color cycled through various shades of purple but kept returning to blue- that same beautiful blue - alternating with the circular third eye purple.  It a very intense and vivid experience of color. Unlike any visualization I have done before.

This is especially significant to me because of a dream I had some time ago in which the color blue played an important role and I am wondering if this experience sheds like on the mystery of that dream.  Will try to blog on this color and possibly the chakras tomorrow.

While the Sanaya Roman recordings are channeled and very New Agey they have worked quite well for me!

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