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I am currently rereading the late Dr. William Baldwin's fascinating and controversial book, Spirit Releasement Therapy. As a practicing dentist Dr. Baldwin's work with hypnosis and resulting experience with entity attachment prompted him to obtain a second doctorate in psychology and develop his own form of depossession - Spirit Releasement Therapy.  

Entity attachment is a modern term used for what was once called possession.  Spirit releasement or depossession is the process used to move the attached discarnate entity into the light and differs from traditional exorcism insofar that it seeks to provide the entity with a spiritual alternative to attachment rather than simply 'casting it out' allowing it reattach to the same client or another vulnerable person at a later date.  

Practitioners believe that spirit attachment plays a role in a high percentage of mental instabilities, addictions and other negative behaviors.  In this video Dr. Baldwin interviews a client freely discussing her own attachment.

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  1. Great site Barbara. I do believe also a large percent of mental health and associated problems are due to earthbound souls. The method taught by Dr Baldwin and his mentor Dr Fiore are really important for anyone involved with metaphysical healing. And it is a compassionate method as you have written. Good luck with your courses. Namaste.

    1. Thank you Anon! I find the idea very interesting as well. I worked as a psychiatric nurse for a fascinating but challenging year early on in my career and I observed changes in people that were very hard to explain. Having said that, I haven't had any clear experience with this topic and am not really sure what I believe. I do know that a range of non-physical energies exist and that our experience of these energies is based on resonance but am not clear on the specifics. Thank you for the well wishes with the courses. The current ones are clairvoyance and lucid dreaming - both are fantastic!


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