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I have always been intensely curious about the human psyche.  When I was in school I skated from Freud and a fascination with the subconscious to Skinner and a major in Experimental Psychology. 

With graduate school out of the question, however, I changed course to obtain 4 year nursing degree and a job in an acute care psychiatric facility.  

The experiences that resulted answered some of my questions about the practice of psychotherapy but certainly not all of them.

The psyche is defined as the human soul, mind, or spirit and is the root of the word psychology.  Somehow however, modern psychology has narrowed its focus to the mind alone, often neglecting the spirit entirely.  Compounding this, the mind itself may be seen as little more than an organ of behavior and cognition, functioning in a predominantly physiological and largely mechanistic fashion.

This approach is not unworkable in all cases.  But it is not resonant with my belief system either.  And that is part of what has attracted me to the field of hypnosis.   Hypnosis works directly with the subconscious, touching upon what some might term the soul self, to influence behavior, access memory and promote emotional health. It does not contradict or override a belief in spirit.

Hypnosis is effective in the resolution of destructive behaviors, phobias,  anxiety, eating and sleep disorders, compulsions and PTSD. It has also proved invaluable in spiritual and past life research by visionaries such as Michael Newton as well as in the field of spirit releasement or depossession as practiced by Dr. William Baldwin and Dr. Irene Hickman.  Additionally, it was the method behind  the late Edgar Cayce incredible intuitive practice.

I have just recently enrolled in the clinical hypnotherapy course offered by psychologist Richard Nongard whom I met up with on the super cool HypnoThoughts website.  I am not sure exactly what direction this avenue of study will take for me personally.  As a nurse, I find the idea of helping people make healthy lifestyle changes meaningful.  I also have a strong interest in a practice with a spiritual or metaphysical focus.  We shall see where it leads.

Please check back for updates on my experience!

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