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"The Calling: My Journey with the Angels" traces psychic Kim O'Neill's journey through a troubled childhood, difficult marriage and stressful corporate career into a life and calling quite unlike anything she had prepared for.  But while Kim's path has been unique, her struggle to realize her dreams is in many ways universal.  I found myself rooting for her from the very first chapter.

Kim is an compelling writer and story teller with a wonderful knack for making the even the ordinary struggles of everyday life come alive.  "The Calling" is not an ordinary story however.  In it, Kim shares accounts of psychic experiences that some readers may find hard to believe and there was a time when I might have felt that way too. I have learned, however, even fairly recently to believe in many things I would have once thought unlikely.

Our journey in spirit, as I am shown it, is a continual process of unfolding, facilitated by openness.   And I believe that opening ourselves to the possibility of such an experience in the life of another opens our lives to the possibility of that experience as well.  We are unlikely to experience psychic phenomena ourselves if we are convinced such things cannot happen to anyone.

I found Kim's description of her psychic experiences fascinating.  What impressed me most about her book however was not  the scope of these experiences but her willingness to accept the challenges they presented head on.  I found the courage and determination which made it possible for her to realize a unique and special mission against some very long odds inspiring.

We are all gifted with an important and highly individual mission. Some find it relatively early. For others the search is perhaps our true life work. However long it takes, I think most of us will agree that the the process can be challenging. Kim's story provides a great example of how this challenge is best met and an encouragement to take the step which is presented to us and have faith in the result.

About Kim:

Kim is a practicing psychic, voted Houston's Top Psychic by Houston Press Magazine, spiritual lifestyle coach and psychic channel. She is also a writer, media personality, columnist and teacher. She obtains information from the spirit world acting as a spirit medium and angelic channeler. I have not read her first book, "How to Talk With Your Angels," but I have put it my reading list.

"The Calling" was an A.R.E. FaceBook Book Club selection.

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