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Today is my 55th birthday and the 2nd year anniversary of the blog.  And it has been a good ride on both counts.

Somewhat surprisingly, for a girl once accused of vanity, I am okay with growing up.  Several years ago, a wonderful friend predicted that an early retirement would give me the opportunity to do all the things that I loved.  And while a fair amount of belt tightening has been required, that has indeed been the case.  For this, I am  incredibly grateful. 

My plans for my birthday are as follows:

First, this post and some calls to Washington state to plead for the ongoing survival of one of the states few remaining wolf packs, the Wedge Pack, (story here) already scheduled for destruction (you can make your voice heard by calling Gov. Christine Gregoire @ 360-902-4111 and asking her to choose wildlife over the Diamond M Ranch - there are fish and game numbers as well listed in the article). The four Wedge pack members to be killed first are the brave and intrepid hunters struggling, just as people do, to provide for their loved ones.  The goal, per the Washington State Game Commission, is to permanently break up the pack.  It is my observation that they will do this anyway they can and that we must stop choosing the profitability of corporations over the welfare of world as a whole.

After the phone calls and associated tweets, I am going to do a little house cleaning, search for a cake recipe for my first ever vegan birthday cake (!), visit a wonderful friend for special birthday tarot reading and a lovely birthday dinner with family.  Already reconsidering - it looks like I will be swapping a lunch date for cleaning.

My plans for the blog are ongoing.  I will be continuing to review metaphysical books, websites, publications and other media on a weekly basis throughout year three- including coverage of the semi-fledgling metaphysical community currently taking shape in Northeast PA.  I will also be resuming the radio show on September 13th (11PM EST) with my first guest, tarot grandmaster, teacher and author Christiana Gaudet, to be followed by even more great guests, including Remote Depossession practitioner, author and teacher Susan Schontag and some wonderful, soon to be announced, ARE Press authors.

My plans for the year in a general sense are varied.  I will be wrapping up work on my new (old) house and finally moving into it this fall after six long months of intensive remodeling.  I will have an office there (that is not in my bedroom) and living room where music and books will not be eclipsed by sitcoms and reality TV.  I will also have room for a larger garden and the opportunity to explore urban (semi) self-sufficiency.  It is my intent to resurrect my old NEPAGreen Blog at some point over the course of this birth year with an emphasis less on environmental activism and more on living a quiet life which nonetheless walks the walk.

I think that it's going to be great year for both The New Age Review and myself!  In this, my 333rd post, I want to sincerely thank you to everyone who has followed our progress so far.  Your interest and support has been instrumental in keeping us on task!

A very affirming numerological look at my birthday as shared with me by Alison Baughman of follows. If you have time, please do check out her wonderful site!

"Born on the 22nd and you have a Master Number for a birthday. Have you ever dreamed something big but been overwhelmed by your ambitions? Well you are a natural born leader and a visionary and are disciplined enough to pull off that dream if you just believe in your ability. You are honest, competent down to earth. and hard-working. You are also wise and have a great deal of spiritual energy on your side. There is great potential in this number but as with all master numbers, you must master the number. Large scale and international is part of this vibration and the potential to leave something real and tangible on this planet that will be here long after you are gone."

My goal for the year:  to master the number.  Thank you Alison!

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