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This is the main spread on the question concerning the future of manuscript as I currently envision it.  You can get an idea of how I read the various positions from the notes I made in my journal below.  As I interpret this, hope and hard work will pay off :)  The Wheel of Fortune indicates that this is consistent with my life path.  And the Sun falls in the 'outcome' position!

Tarot notes on reading.  I tend to read in a very free form way - asking questions and pulling cards as I go.  Generally I start out with a pyramid shape.  In the end, no two readings look the same!  Notice that my notes don't quite jive with the reading.  Notes are right, showing two very balanced Queens and the Wheel in the reading proper.

What a lovely card to get in the position of spiritual influence!

Will writing this book help me spiritually?  My "yes" card.  Looks as if it will!

 And more importantly:  "Will this manuscript be of help to others?"

Angel cards from Doreen Virtue's Angel Therapy Deck which is a favorite of mine.  I am asking for advice on my manuscript.  I find it interesting that the Third Eye and Throat chakra cards fell in order.  These are the two chakras I'm working with in regard to the manuscript!

Angel card showing archangel Michael addressing pesky self-esteem issues.

Angel card pulled in answer to the question, "Is this what I am meant to write?"

My journal and University Press Rider Waite Smith Tarot deck.

My journal notes on both readings.  I find a combination of pictures, drawing and notes the best approach to capturing a reading.  My advice on reading?  Take your reading seriously, make it an event worthy of respect and always keep a record!

Last question for the pendulum (a gift from my dear friend Tara), "Will I publish my book?"  Hard yes, though this will certainly surprise me if it comes to pass!

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  1. Virtually no one who has any knowledge or experience with Tarot Cards believes that the cards themselves are magic.


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