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I am thrilled to announce that I am the winner of psychic Kim O'Neill's monthly drawing for a free 30 minute channeled reading!

I first learned about Kim through the ARE Book Club when her fascinating book, The Calling, was our monthly selection for reading and discussion.  I found Kim's story inspiring and greatly admired the courage she displayed in following her own very unique life path.

Needless to say, I was disappointed when I missed the monthly ARE Book Club live author's chat and my chance to ask Kim questions about her work!

Still drawn to learn more about Kim, I checked out her website and found that she holds a monthly free channeled reading drawing. I rarely get readings of any kind but felt quite strongly that having a reading from Kim would be helpful to me.  So I signed up for her newsletter and entered the contest. Earlier today I was excited to learn that I won and will be receiving a reading in October!!  Blog entry to follow of course :)

I am very interested in channeling, especially angelic channeling so I find the type of reading Kim does especially compelling.  And, while I do channel a bit myself,  I have some reservations about directed, as opposed to spontaneous, psychic phenomena (see Channeling: The Juxtaposition of Imagination and Faith) so I'm curious to learn if this reading might, in some part, address those issues.  Specifically and most notably, however, I feel called to hear what Kim has to tell me about my own life path.

To learn more about Kim, her writing, her concept of the 'ripple effect,' learning to channel, how to connect with your angels, finding happiness and our own life purpose, please check out her wonderful interview with the ARE's Jennie Taylor Martin below.  To read my review of Kim's book, The Calling (available through the ARE Press), please see the following entry: A Short Review of The Calling.

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  1. That is great news. You are very lucky that you have won 30 minutes reading. I have read your this blog and now going to read your next blog “A Short Review of The Calling”.

  2. Thank you Meryem! It is great news and I feel very fortunate. I hope you enjoy the post on the The Calling!

  3. congrats for your success..keep it up

  4. Thank you PK :) I have scheduled my reading for October 23rd and just finished Kim's book, How to Talk with Your Angels, which has been a great help in clarifying the questions I want to ask! Hope to be doing a review of the book early next month and will absolutely post on my reading.

  5. I beyond doubt appreciate your articles and blogs.


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