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My newest and long overdue youtube vblog entry! In this video I talk about the 2 year anniversary of The New Age Review and the future of this blog - which has been such a blessing to me personally.  I also discuss  upcoming New Age Review Radio Show episodes featuring interviews with Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. published authors (in the works), Tarot Grand Master, teacher and author Christiana Gaudet and Remote Depossession practitioner, teacher and author Susan Schontag, as well as my own upcoming guest spot on Jennie Sieck's wonderful BlogTalkRadio show, the Inner VOICE Intuitive Hour (sorry Jen!). I go on to discuss my forthcoming book, "Accessing Spiritual Dimensions," and new soon to be launched targeted website (more info coming soon!). Please excuse the busy background mess in this video.  I am still very much in the process of relocating!

Please Note:  I'm told that this video is occasionally crashing after a couple of minutes, if that happens  please replay and advance.  Is apparently loading slowly and doesn't seem to be happening the second time around!

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