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Dr. John Amoroso, PhD
"Awakening Past Lives: A Step by Step Guide to Self-Exploration" by Dr. John Amoroso, PhD is more than a book about past life therapy and reincarnation.  It is an open invitation to the experiential process of past life regression.  As such, it offers the reader an opportunity to examine and integrate their personal past and present life experiences under expert guidance of a clinical psychologist with over twenty five years of experience in the field of past life therapy.

In addition to assisting the individual in direct examination of past life issues, "Awakening Past Lives" provides insightful, in depth information on  general psychology, theories of reincarnation (including a focused look at the Edgar Cayce material) and the practice of past life regression therapy.  In its pages, Dr. Amoroso shares fascinating case studies from his own clinical practice, as well as his own unique approach to past life therapy, known as Integrated Imagery.

Integrated Imagery is a therapeutic technique which helps people recover and integrate past and present life events in order to facilitate personal healing and growth.  It assists the individual in rescripting negative events (and the resulting karmic themes) and reclaiming  and accentuating positive events and themes.  Events appropriate for rescripting are identified  through an exploration of both biographical (present life) experience and relevant past life events and this can be done directly by working through the exercises included in Dr. Amoroso's book.

"Awakening Past Lives" guides the reader through the application of Integrated Imagery via the application of some very insightful and thought provoking exercises and activities.

Some of these exercises call for self examination through charting and journaling.  Others lead the reader through actual past life regressions via hypnotic inductions provided on the CD which accompanies the book.  All are insightful, potentially life altered activities.  As such they can be used not once but repeatedly, addressing multiple issues and working with situations and experiences as they present over a period of years. 

I would highly recommend "Awakening Past Lives" to all individuals interested in working with past life regression on a personal level as well as any open minded mental health profession seeking an effective method of helping their clients achieve self-actualization.  It is available through A.R.E. Press via the following link at

To hear Dr. Amoroso explain Integrated Imagery in his own words please click here or play his New Age Review Radio interview via the player below.

To learn more about Dr. Amoroso, Integrated Imagery training, Dr. Amoroso's Philadelphia based  past life regression therapy practice and how to find an Integrated Imagery practitioner in your area please visit his website at:

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