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Join me tonight at 11 PM EST as I interview clinical psychologist, past life regressionist and author, Dr. John Amoroso PhD.

We will be discussing reincarnation, past life regression therapy, positive and negative karmic influences, exploration of issues via Integrated Imagery and Dr. Amoroso's wonderful book "Awakening Past Lives: A Step by Step Guide to Self-Exploration."

Dr. Amoroso will be taking questions at the end of the half hour, so this is great opportunity to learn more  about past life therapy and how it can positively impact your present experience.

To listen tonight at 11 PM EST simply click on the following link and hit play on the BlogTalkRadio player:

About Dr. Amoroso:  Dr. John Amoroso holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and maintains a psychotherapy practice in the Philadelphia area. His interest and exploration of Past Life Regression Therapy and Transpersonal Psychology began more than 25 years ago when he was first introduced to the intuited psychic readings of Edgar Cayce and the spiritual philosophy in Eastern religions and Western mystical teachings.

 He is the creator of Integrated Imagery which facilitates access of past lives, between life and before life states and biographical experiences. Its process involves activating the positive while de-energizing the negative karmic patterns carried into this life.

Dr. Amoroso offers workshops in Integrated Imagery through Atlantic University in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  His book "Awakening Past Lives" which presents a comprehensive discussion of past life regression, karmic patterns and self exploration through Integrated Imagery is available through ARE Press.  Please check back tomorrow for my review of the book!

For more about Dr. Amoroso please check out his website at

And remember, if you don't catch the show tonight, you can listen anytime in the archives at:

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