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Join me this Thursday night in welcoming a special guest to New Age Review Radio - psychic, angelic channeler, speaker and author Kim O'Neill!
In this week's episode Kim will be talking about angels, the process of channeling and her wonderful new book The Calling: My Journey With the Angels

Calls will be taken toward the end of the half hour!  To access the show please click on the following link on or before 11PM EST this Thursday October 18th:  

About Kim:  Kim has been voted Houston's top psychic by Houston Press Magazine. She has appeared on over 100 radio and TV programs including Fox News, Good Morning Houston and  the Leeza Gibbons Show.

Kim writes "Ask Kim" a monthly advice column for the Indigo Sun Magazine and produces a webisode called "Connecting You With Spirit," in which she takes questions from callers from around the world.  She has written several wonderful books including "The Calling"  and "How to Talk With Your Angels."

To learn more about Kim, her readings, books and workshops please check out her site  To learn more about The Calling please check out my review at here.

Next week:  Psychic Carol Anne Liaros talks about aura reading, the meaning of color and how you can learn to see auras. And please remember to follow the show to stay updated on future episodes!

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