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The Chinnery Photo. When visiting her mother’s grave in 1959, Mrs. Mabel Chinnery decided to finish off the roll of film by taking a picture of her husband who was waiting in the car. When the roll was developed, a female figure was noted sitting in the back seat. The Chinnery's claim that the figure is that of Mabel's mother, who appears to have taken her customary place in the back seat.

The Wem Fire Apparition.  This famous photo was taken during a 1995 fire at Wem town hall in Shropshire, England.  It shows a young girl in the midst of a raging fire.  No remains of such a girl were found but local legend holds  that a young girl accidentally burned Wem town hall to the ground in 1677 and has haunted it ever since.

Toys-R-Us Photo.  This picture was taken in 1978 at a Sunnyvale, California Toys-R-Us store known for a high level of paranormal activity by a TV film crew.  The young man leaning against the wall was not seen by any of the people present at the time. It is reported that in 1869 a young man died at the location where the store now stands from a self-inflicted axe wound.

Lord Combermere Photo. Taken at Combermere Abbey Library in 1891, this photo shows the figure of a man said to strongly resemble Lord Combermere who was being buried at the time of the photo.
HMS Daedalus Photo. This photograph from 1919, shows the Royal Navy vessel HMS Daedalus squadrons. The transparent face slightly behind the man in the upper left corner of the photo was identified as mechanic Freddy Jackson, who had been killed just two days early. His funeral had taken place a few hours before this photo was taken.

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery.  Taken by a professional paranormal investigator  on August 10, 1991. This photo captures the image of a woman in old fashioned dress sitting on a gravestone. Although this picture looks almost too real, if you look carefully you will see that parts of her lower legs appear to be transparent.
The Corroboree Rock Spirit.  Taken by Reverend R.S. Blance at Corroboree Rock near Alice Springs, Australia in 1959, this picture shows and apparition in a semi transparent dress.
The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall.  This famous ghost photo was taken in 1936 by photographers of the London magazine Country Living at  Raynham Hall in Norfolk, England.  It is said that the photographers saw this apparition immediately prior to taking this shot.  The negatives on this photo have been examined by hundreds of experts with no evidence of double exposure or tampering.

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