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Join me tonight at 11PM EST on New Age Review Radio  for a special interview with Remote Depossessionist, author and teacher Susuan Schontag.  

Susan and I will be discussing characteristics of possession, also know as Spirit Attachment, how depossession may be learned and performed and the differences between depossession and exorcism. We will also be talking about Susan's work, background and Remote Depossession training program.

About Susan:  Susan Schontag is an author, teacher, energy healer and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist. Her goal as a Remote Depossessist and healer is to increase the vibrations of others and help them move into a higher frequency of being.

Susan is a Master Hypnotherapist, Remote Depossession Practitioner and Trainer, Reiki Master and Seicheim Master/Teacher and the recipient of National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapist's 2011 "Most Unique" Transpersonal Hypnotherapist Award.  She has studied under the well known deposessionists Dr. William Baldwin, PhD. and Dr. Irene Hickman, MD.

Susan is the author of several books including We Are Not Alone, Enlightenment The Road Home and Michael’s Book.  She offers online certification and training in Remote Depossession, a distance spirit release method, which shares some similarities with the work of Dr. Hickman but is in other ways unigue.  

To join us, please visit:  at 11PM EST tonight and click on the BlogTalkRadio player to listen live or catch the show anytime in the archives!

Please join us for the following upcoming shows:
  • Channeling Angels: Oct. 18th with Psychic channeler, speaker and author of "The Calling" Kim O'Neill.  Call ins are welcomed in the last third of the broadcast!
  •  Paranormal Investigation: Nov. 1st with Voices Through the Static lead investigator Amy Tomlin. Amy will be playing some of her own EVP recordings live on air.

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