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Edward Robert Hughes Midsummer Eve
My recent (and not so recent) experience with the fairy realms prompted me to do a little research on fairy and lead me to the fairy ring.  A fairy ring is real physical ring marked by naturally occurring rings of mushrooms.  European folklore describes fairy rings as areas where fairies gather and dance as well as as gateways into elfin kingdoms.     These same traditions warn against entering a fairy ring for any reason and promise dire consequences if this advice was ignored. Similar beliefs have been found as far as the Philippine Islands where fairy rings are associated with tiny spirits.      European ideas about fairy rings date back  to at least the medieval period and quite possibly much further. The Middle English term elferingewort or elf-ring refers to “a ring of daisies caused by elves’ dancing” and can be found in records dating to the mid 1100s.

To read more about my experience with fairies, please see: Crystals as a Gateway to the Fairie Realm

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