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"Communications From the Other Side" by psychic medium Anthony Quinata is the entertaining,  highly readable and sometimes laugh out loud funny account of the author's journey from childhood to a career as a successful psychic medium. 

The book includes an in depth look at Anthony Quinata's own psychic process and realization of his life purpose as well moving testimonials and observations on spirit.  I found the author's style very appealing and his story quite captivating.

Anthony Quinata's fascination with the paranormal began in childhood.  This interest lead him to work in the field of paranormal investigation or ghost hunting.  

While the author freely accepted paranormal events, however, he was far less open to psychic phenomena and  doubted the credibility of most practicing psychics.

Anthony Quinata did not acknowledge his own early psychic experiences and was resistant to his own mediumistic abilities as well.  Repeated and detailed communications from spirit would eventually change this -  though the author did not accept this new role easily.

In addition to sharing his own story, Quinata also shares what he has learned about the other side through his work as a psychic medium including specifics of the afterlife and the reason why our loved ones reach out to us from the beyond.

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