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During my recent Doreen Virtue Angel Card Certification course, Doreen reviewed all of her decks and provided us with a list of which decks are best for specific topics which I found very helpful.

I ordered a couple of decks from that list.  One of these, The Healing with the Fairies Deck, was recommended for reading concerning manifestation so I decided to use the deck to address my own concerns about the ongoing renovation of our new house (we are still in the old one and very eager to move).

In answer to the question, How can I manifest the home I dream of in my new house, making it a place of beauty, safety, harmony and love? I received the following cards:

Doreen Virtue Healing with the Fairies Deck

This reading addresses is past, present and future with a three card spread.  The first card I received in the position of relevant past events was "Rise Above Problems."  The interpretation in the booklet accompanying the deck says that feeling of being surrounded by seemingly insurmountable problems are passing (yes).  It goes on to say that I have stepped back and released the problem to heaven's waiting hands.  The booklet goes on to ask me to ask myself, how the fairies might see these issues and advices me to see things from a higher perspective.  It also notes that a sense of faith and hopefulness fuels the resolution of this situation and that has indeed been true!

The second card in the position of present was "Raising Your Standards."  The message of this card is that deep down I now understand the life I meant to lead.  The card also reminds me that I deserve and can manifest any situation I wish.  The fairies ask that I stop making negative affirmations based on scarcity thinking (such as I can't afford or could never finish) and advice me to raise my standards.  It is suggested that I write out a list of my true desires and review it daily with a sense of faith and gratitude.  I am then to make a spiritual commitment to expect the best.  As dreams come true, I shall graciously accept "good" into my life.  I loved the advice given here and made my manifestation list immediately following the reading!

The third card I drew was the card of "Financial Flow."  The message given is that I am moving into a time of financial flow and that I will soon be manifesting a new sense of abundance in my life.  Any financial blocks will be successfully removed and I am now in the flow of complete prosperity.  My finances will be moving to a new level and I will be praying for and visualizing my dream.   The message the angels gave me regarding this card is that this applies to both the house and the money to make repairs as well as to opportunities in my personal and professional life.

The booklet told me that the fairies ask me to keep a positive and joyful heart, continually affirming, "I graciously accept good in my life right now," "I am financially secure" and "I deserve abundance."

I thought this was an amazing reading and with it I received a clear vision of how important it was that I restore the environment both in and surrounding my new home in terms of the interior space (with color, light, plants, clearing and Feng Shui) and outside in the garden areas.  I conducted a powerful visualization for clearing and energizing the house and yard which I will describe at length in another post.  I feel quite strongly that our new home will be a place of healing, love, spiritual sharing and harmony!

I love this deck and will be talking about it and reading with it on Thursday's Open Reading Night on The New Age Review Radio Show at 11PM Eastern, 10PM Central, 9PM Mountain, 8PM Pacific.  Please visit my website,, or the Open Reading Night Show Page to  how you can submit a request for a free on air reading or private paid phone or email reading!

Angel Journal & Healing with the Fairies Deck

Above, my angel journal (in which I record my readings, channeling, visualizations, manifestation lists and meditations) and the Healing with the Fairies deck.  Below, the journal entry I made on this reading.  I think it very important to record readings in order to reflect on them later!

Angel Journal

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