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I have discussed my experience with communication with the other side here in this blog in the post, Lost and Found: Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend, and through several other posts as well.

Other specific accounts can be found by using the 'view posts by topic' links to the lower right of this post and searching under dreams or the paranormal. This blog entry is intended as a general over view of these experiences.

My experiences have been visual, auditory and clairsentient (feeling based).  Most of my visual experiences have occurred during dreams, though some took place immediately upon awakening (as have some of my most specific and detailed channeled material).  Auditory and clairsentient experiences most often occur when I am fully awake though this is not a hard and fast rule.

Auditory experiences can be divided into two categories, paranormal (interactive and non interactive) and angelic.  I have not to my knowledge received an auditory communication from a deceased love one.  Strong and compelling experiences of clairsentience, however, have been both paranormal in nature and related to individuals I have known.

I have experiences visions of spirit guides, angels, dark energy and deceased loved one.  The guides have come during sleep as have those I have known in life.  In only one instance did they wake me up.  Beings of light and dark energy have jolted me awake and my initial feeling is usually one of fear. 

I have of course had dreams of those who have passed that I don't consider visitations.

For me, the appearance of a spirit who has gone to the other side  is quite different than the way I might remember that person in life.  This is because they are in their energetic body which is taller and much brighter than their regular physical body.  Be that as it may, in my dreams I recognize them immediately and have no doubt about their identity.

In general, the dreams which surround the visiting spirit tend to hold a lot of light, convey strong emotion and relay information not ordinarily available to me. 

Dreams based in the lower realities are dim or dark.  And Spirits who remain earthbound are darker still - often a dull brown or in rare instances black. The dreams from the mid to higher realities may be accessed a long hall packed with people traveling back and forth or a path or track edged by light.  I found that higher realities are unusually vibrant and vivid with a range of colors far exceeding those of my everyday 3D reality.

These experiences are not routine for me and I would love to initiate and explore them further.  To that end I am currently working with the program, How to Have an Out of Body Experience, by William Buhlman. hen I am done with the program, I will review it here.

My feeling about contacting deceased loved ones are mixed.  I am open to the experience, however, even though my primary objective is to obtain spiritual experience in alternate dimensions.  I will update on this endeavor!

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