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There are over 14,000 recorded psychic readings by the late Edgar Cayce.   Housed at the Virginia Beach A.R.E. (Association for Research and Enlightenment) as well as online, the readings cover a long list of spiritual topics including the akashic record, the astral body, astrology, Atlantis, the aura, the bible, colors, crystals, dreams, history, numerology, reincarnation and the soul.

Be that as it may, the great majority of the Cayce readings focus on health and the treatment of disease. 

Cayce's approach to healing was holistic which is to say that it relied on the idea that that optimal health requires a balance between physical, mental, and spiritual forces. Cayce supplied hundred of very specific remedies for a wide range of ailments as well as a wealth of general advice on maintaining and promoting health in terms of diet, exercise and detoxification regiments. 

Deciphering the Cayce material is not always easy however making Elaine Hruska's book "Edgar Cayce's Quick and Easy Remedies" an indispensable and highly understandable resource on the Edgar Cayce health readings. 

Elaine Hruska, MA is a working therapist for Edgar Cayce’s ARE Health Center in Houston Texas and an expert on the Cayce health readings. She holds the distinction of having trained under the renowned physiotherapist Harold J Reilly creator of the Reilly / Cayce style of Massage therapy. Her previous book, "Your Key to Good Health" is now on my reading list as well!

"Quick and Easy Remedies" presents some of the most frequently prescribed Cayce remedies in a straightforward and readable format. Each section supplies complete directions for use and preparation, indications, contraindications and testimonials. An index at the back of the book provides a comprehensive list of maladies and references the recommended Cayce remedy for each. 

My personal experience with the Cayce health material is that it is very successful in conditions which may be highly resistant to modern medical intervention.  I could not recommend it more strongly.

One of the things I particularly appreciate about "Quick and Easy Remedies" is its clarity. The book is very easy to use and the individual treatments are well explained. The Cayce readings and testimonials quoted provide a wonderful glimpse into the heart of the Cayce health readings and Cayce himself. 

 It is readily apparent that Elaine Hruska possesses a deep understanding of the Cayce material and that the information given is well researched and reliable. I intend to make good use of this book both for my own health concerns and those of my immediate family! 

To hear my live interview with Elaine Hruska please visit my BlogTalkRadio show page at!

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