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My December 6th guest on New Age Review Radio was studying demonologist James Annitto. On the show, James talked about the darker side of spirit, exorcisms, entity releasement and paranormal investigation. 

 All of which got me thinking about my own experiences with dark or negative energy.

Dark energy, as James pointed out, is attracted to difficult or chaotic situations and it therefore not especially surprising that my own experiences occurred in eighties and nineties when my life was especially stressful.

The energy I saw was exceedingly dark.  I saw it once in meditation and several times at night. At night, it appeared to me almost as a shadow. Unlike a shadow, however, it was not cast but appeared as deep dense black against the lesser darkness of the room.

I was afraid of it and not a little afraid either. I would wake up because I was afraid, look and see it hovering somewhere near the ceiling. When I turned on the lights it faded but not right away. Instead it would linger for a few long seconds, superimposed on my conventional reality before it eventually dissolved.

I suspect that the energy was attached to the house I lived in then, as that was the only place it happened. Or at least I think that now. At the time I told myself that it was a reoccurring nightmare.

Years later living a new life in a new home I had a similar experience though this experience was at its core quite different.  That is to say that instead of darkness I now saw light. The light was not concentrated  but filled my room, superimposed on my physical reality without obscuring it. White-out bright but not in the least bit blinding.  

Over time I understood the light and in understanding that, I understood the darkness. I'm not sure why darkness sought me out back then or why my visions are now confined to light and color but I suspect it has something to do with resonant energy.

 Not that I was a bad person then or even especially different. I had in fact the same general interests. Spirituality was important to me. I meditated, did yoga and practiced my religion. Be that as it may, the energy surrounding me was different and I think that is part of what made those visions possible.

I've written a lot about spirit in this blog but I have never written about my experiences with darkness. Somehow, I suppose, our negative experiences are more personal than the positive. Talking to James however triggered the memory and it seemed like the appropriate time to share it.

To listen to my interview with James,  click on The New Age Review Radio player below. To read about my vision of light (briefly described above) please check out the following entry: Was This an Angel?

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