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Change Your Aura, Change Your Life: A Step-by-Step Guide to Unfolding Your Spiritual Power was written by Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis.  Both are gifted authors and teachers.  Additionally Martin is a clairvoyant able to directly visualize spirit in the form of the auric energy.  

Martin first saw the aura at the age of four and found the colors and beauty she perceived so compelling that she dedicated her life to the study of spiritual energy.  In collaboration with Moraitis, she has written several books on the topic as well as created the Spiritual Arts Institute which offers two fascinating programs of spiritual study.

I purchased 'Change Your Aura, Change Your Life' following the recommendation of a friend.  Its approach to metaphysics, meditation and the application of spiritual light was highly resonant to me based on my own past spiritual experiences.  What's more I liked its approach.

'Change Your Aura, Change Your Life' is, as the authors are quick to point out, a book of practical (as opposed to theoretical) metaphysics.  Based on the direct spiritual experience of Barbara Martin, it explains how any individual can work with the divine light, in clarifying their aura and thereby transforming their life.

Having had my own spiritual experiences with color and light, I was very excited about putting the meditations in 'Change Your Aura, Change Your Life' into effect and even more excited to learn that Martin and Moraitis are still actively teaching.

I enrolled in the Spiritual Arts foundation course, also called 'Change Your Aura, Change Your Life' and started class on January 16th.  And I am finding it to be a truly amazing experience.

I will be blogging on my progress throughout the course, but I do want to say here that I am finding the  meditation we are learning to be quite powerful.  On my first meditation, I was able to see some color and strongly felt the spiritual energy in a very real physical sense.  Similar to the sensations of channeling, I felt fleeting headaches and a strong sensation of heat - my markers of spirit.  Additionally I experienced a feeling of lightness and healing followed by the emotion of intense happiness which lasted for some time after the meditation had ended.  

None of these experience, however, are necessary for the meditater to reap the benefits of highly targeted form of light work.  Like electrical current, the energy is operational whether it is visible of not.  Still for me the experience of this energy validating.  When I add this experience to my past experiences in meditation and dreams, I feel sure that I am in the right place.

In the first class we were asked to select a goal for the course.  Mine was to have a written working outline for my new manuscript by the end of the course.  As anyone who reads this blog knows, this manuscript has been an ongoing struggle for me and I have changed direction more than once.  I will post again on my progress.

Additionally, I will be discussing the program on the January 31st episode of The New Age Review Radio Show.

About the Course:  'Change Your Aura, Change Your Life' is the foundation course for the the seven course 'Seven Spiritual Arts Program.'  It is hosted by Moraitis and Martin both locally as well as via live interactive class room style webinars making it potentially available to everyone.  It is offered at reasonable cost and yields very real results.

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  1. Aura cleansing is a great way to increase your spiritual abilities and powers. I have also gone through the process for increase my spirituality and develop my psychic powers.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Psychic :) I have aura clearing to very helpful as well!


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