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Judith Pennington
I began The New Age Review (blog & radio show) because I hoped it might be of help to myself and to others and I like to think that this has indeed been the case.

I find that I am helped because talking about my spiritual and metaphysical studies is an aid to conceptualization which helps me synthesize what I have learned as well as make new and sometimes unexpected connections. 

The New Age Review holds me accountable as well.  Once I commit to reading or learning something with the intent to discuss it either here or on the air, I am quite likely to follow through with the material and this has had a positive affect on my concentration and focus (though there is still room for improvement!).

Doing the show and writing this blog (as well as its sister blogs, Accessing Spirit and Indigo Sunrise) is helpful to others, for a different reason however.  And while I won't say that others don't benefit from my insights or the content I provide, the real value of what I do lies in the wonderful resources I have the honor of sharing.  Many of which have the power to engender real and lasting spiritual change in me and in others.

The following interview with Judith Pennington, journalist, teacher, biofeedback meditation therapy and author, is a perfect example of a very special spiritual resource.  In this interview Judy discusses psychic development, meditation, brainwaves, the soul and the process of spiritual evolution both eloquently and understandably.

Thank you so much, Judy, your wisdom is greatly appreciated!

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