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My ongoing spiritual study course, given by the The Spiritual Arts Institute, recommends that we set up an altar.  As all of my regular altar type items are packed, I made this temporary altar housed on a book shelf.  It includes a candle, gift cards, crystals and an incense holder from my dear friend Tara, as well as Indian 'Moon' incense and my favorite card from the Doreen Virtue Angel Therapy Deck (You Are a Powerful Lightworker).  I think that the choice of colors works well, particularly the clear, apple green and deep rose hued crystals.  Other colors included but not displaying well in this photo are light blue, slightly lighter rose and lavender in the candles and the incense burner and the indigo blue, red, gold and green in the altar cloth. Above the altar a beautiful mandala given to me by my son in many of the same colors plus orange and lemon yellow.  I will be talking about what I'm learning about these colors and others on tomorrow night's show (Meditating with Color) at 9PM Eastern / 6 PM Pacific!

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