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"Your Psychic Soul" by Judith Pennington is not just another book on psychic development - or perhaps I should say that it is that and more.

"Your Psychic Soul," doesn't direct us outward or upward - at least not primarily.  And it doesn't devote a whole lot of space to God or the angels or communication with those have passed.  Instead "Your Psychic Soul" advises us to look within, to the heart of our being - our soul self, which is made of the same sacred stuff as any other spiritual being we may seek to know.

Our soul, Pennington tells us, possesses open access to all information and energies making it an obvious resource for all questions and problems.  And she goes on to explain how soul communication is the inner path to psychic awareness, spiritual evolution and eventual enlightenment.  

Soul communication may be realized in multiple ways and Pennington presents these approaches through clear and workable sections devoted to psychic development, dreamwork, inspired writing and healing. She does not stop there, however.  She also shows us how and why each of these methods works.  And this kind of understanding is key, I believe, to a sustained spiritual practice.

As an EEG biofeedback meditation therapist, Pennington, understands the how and the why of consciousness better than most.  Her explanation of the four levels of brain activity is understandable and engaging.  By sharing her knowledge and research she helps us to understand how  meditation and other contemplative practices lead to soul growth and self-actualization.

The levels of consciousness outlined in "Your Psychic Soul" are beta - our conscious mind, alpha - our relaxed sensory awareness, theta - the subconscious mind and source of intuition, creativity and spiritual insight (which Pennington calls the mind of the soul) and delta - the personal unconscious and doorway to universal consciousness. 

The practices presented help us to access the mind of the soul by stilling the conscious beta mind - allowing it to receive communication from the deeper levels within.   In this our conscious mind is not the enemy but a willing participant and receiver entrusted with the valuable task of bringing these communications back into our ordinary waking reality. 

We learn that there is a bridge between our conscious beta and alpha states which leads to the subconscious and unconscious states of theta and delta.  Having crossed this bridge, Pennington explains, we allow the deeper levels of theta and delta to supply the conscious mind with a steady stream of ideas, intuition and creative inspiration.

Delving deeper, Pennington explains the wave patterns of awakened and enlightened states, as well as the super-conscious waves of gamma.  In a wonderful story of her own research with a group Reiki practitioners she illustrates how profoundly these states can directly influence others making the idea of a worldwide evolution of consciousness seem infinitely possible.

"Your Psychic Soul" provides an understandable and extremely workable approach to psychic development and a valuable guide to soul evolution as well.  I consider it a book that can make a very real spiritual difference in the life of anyone who reads it.

In closing Pennington offers suggestions for living an intuitive life which I absolutely loved.  I intend to put at least a few into effect!

Perhaps you can feel on a deep unconscious level the evolutionary shift that is underway.  Some say that we came here for this shift.  If that feels true to you, I hope you will take up a daily meditation practice and host a spiritual study group or Psychic Circle.  Only your commitment and cooperation with like-minded people can bring about the spiritual awakening that is so near.  ~Judith Pennington, "Your Psychic Soul"

I could not agree more.

"Your Psychic Soul" is available at by clicking  here (as well as through amazon at the following link).  If you want to learn more about Judith Pennington please consider checking out her wonderful websites: &

You may also enjoy listening to Judith's beautiful spiritual message as voiced on her recent interview on The New Age Review Radio Show by clicking the player below:

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