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Last night's special topic on The New Age Review Radio Show was Exploring the World of dreams.  And this what I - and my guest co-host, fellow angel card reader Shirley Chase -  discussed during the half hour special topic segment which preceded the free angel reading part of the show.  

And that discussion got me thinking about dreams and how different every dreamer's experience is.  So it occurred to me to write a short post sharing my own dream experience and perceptions.

My dream world contains a few very different types of dreams.  Most of the dreams I have I consider ordinary because they appear to be quite similar to my ordinary waking reality.  That is to say that they are representational, well defined and reasonably detailed.  Dream inconstencies and symbols, are present and occasionally vivid but the general quality of the dream is similar to that of my day to day life.  Such dreams frequently feature people I know or play out known emotional themes.

There was a time when most of my dreams had a murky or overcast quality with muted colors but they have become progressively lighter and more colorful over time which I take as a good sign.  It is my intuition that these types of dreams are valuable because they have the potential to put us in touch with emotional states and unconscious drives which are well worth exploring.

Symbolism which occurs most often in my ordinary dream states can be arresting.  Recent examples include a dream trip to a large shopping mall.  Walking through this mall, I passed a pretty young sales clerk sitting at a table at the front of the store eating a huge serving of cake covered with strawberries.  A little later I visited a shop filled with elderly female clerks with amazingly vivid blue eyes.  

Because red and blue are recurring symbols in my dreams, I paid attention to this.  Red in this instance may symbolize youth and possibly romance.  While blue is about aging and approaching spiritual truth.  But the connection is not particularly clear and I'm not sure if there is any message in this at all.  Spiritual dreams on the other hand convey a distinct knowing that they info they provide is important.

For me, spiritual dreams are extra-ordinarily vivid, complex and very coherent.  They are also highly symbolic with reoccurring symbolism which is meaningful on a number of levels and allows for even more associations (synchronicities) to occur over time.  Such dreams may include astral travel in which the dreamer accesses higher dimensions, meets with spirit guides or angels or receives relevant spiritual guidance. An example of this sort of dream can be read in this blog in the following post:

The third kind of dream which I experience is informational.  In it, I hear a voice giving me information of a spiritual nature - frequently having to do with my writing - or advice that relates to my life path and goals.  If I set my alarm for different hours of the morning as recommended in Dr. Stephen LaBerge's book "Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming" I routinely catch bits and pieces of this sort of communication.  

I believe that we are all talking to spirit during our dreams this way.  And while we do not, as a rule, remember it, it is possible for all of to improve upon our dream recall and consciously access this amazing conduit to the divine.

For more on the psychic senses and dreaming, lucid dreaming and dream journaling please check out my personal spirit blog at

To listen to last night's episode of The New Age Review Radio Show, Exploring the World of Dreams, please click on the player below.

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