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I visited my dear friend Tara the Friday before last to exchange holiday gifts, have tea and read cards.  We had a wonderful time and the energy and very inspiring information she gave is something I feel moved to share.

The energy of Tara's home is incredible. Entering, you feel a clarity and resonance that is hard to put into words.  And while I'm not sure exactly how this energy is achieved, I expect that it is a combination of Tara's own high spiritual vibration mixing with the flow of a highly intuitive approach to the energy of place.

Walking into her home I suddenly feel "at home" in way I often do not in cluttered confines of my own current environment.

Continuing into Tara's reading room (where all of her professional readings are performed) I notice that the energy intensifies and then soften.  The small room is filled with beautiful music and candlelight and the delicate scent of incense and candles.  Soft blues and purples radiate from a intricate Indian print table cloth. A handful of crystals capture the light.  I take a breath and wonder if I was even really breathing before.

Tara's cards are out, as they always are, and we talk, exchange gifts and have tea.  Our conversation centers on what interests us most - the ever changing kaleidoscope of our spiritual study.  And while we do not take our spiritual resonance for granted, we are no longer surprised to find that after weeks of being to busy to chat we are once again in very similar spots. 

Finally we do cards as we have been doing for many years now.  I read for Tara, then she reads for me.  As always what she tells me is both transformational and healing.

My question was spiritual.  I had been feeling disconnected and confused about the direction of my writing which had very near ground to a halt.  I wondered if I were devolving spiritually and what I could do about my problems with a manuscript that would neither let me go or be written.

Tara gave me the practical advise first.  She said that my crown chakra was open and that it was my sacral and solar plexus chakras which needed to be cleared.  She said that I should watch my diet and advised me to see a chiropractor.  She said that I should meditate and work with the chakra system as much as I could.

She also told me the same thing that I had been telling myself.  That this was a time to concentrate on the blogs and the radio show.  And that I should do manifestation work.

Tara recommended spiritual study and told me that if I put the book on the back burner it would come to me.  She said that I had an important contribution to make, one that involved an ancient connection and a link between the old info and the new.  She told me that I would channel Atlantis and that I was part of an awakening energy and that the book would come and that it would be part of that energy.  And in that moment, I found it easier to believe in her than to believe in myself.

That feeling remains with me.  The test of any reading is a sense of resonance, internal consistency and time.  My new manuscript is about an ancient connection that I am still working out and the fact that Tara didn't know about that makes her reading compelling in terms of consistency.

The resonance comes in as energy, carrying with it the healing power of higher truth.  It is easier recognized then explained.  I know it whenever it touches me.

Nearly two weeks have passed since Tara read for me.  I have not seen a chiropractor but I have worked with the chakras and meditated.  Placing the book on the back burner I have studied whatever spiritual material came my way and begun a course on meditation through the Spiritual Arts Institute which is already paying off for me spiritually.

And this morning, an outline came to me out of nowhere.  Scribbling it down in a notebook, I realized that am closer to the connection than I ever was.  And I feel the shift as starts.  It occurs to me that when you cannot believe in yourself you must believe in your friends and that the course I am taking has had a very real effect.  It also occurs to me that this is how a reading plays out in time.

To "meet" Tara and hear her talk on the topic of spiritual clearing and receive one of her wonderful readings free on air, check out my interview with Tara via the player below:

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