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"Edgar Cayce's Story of the Bible" by Edgar Cayce scholar and ordained minister, Robert Krajenke, provides a comprehensive and very readable look at both Edgar Cayce and the scriptures.

Most people are familiar with the great American psychic, Edgar Cayce, and he is generally well known both as a medical intuitive and a metaphysician.  Less well known, however, is Cayce's connection with Judea-Christian philosophy and his dedication to the study of the bible.

Reading the bible once for each year of his life, Cayce came from a traditional Christian background and started out on his spiritual journey with traditional Christian beliefs.  

Later in adulthood, however, during his psychic trance readings, Cayce began to provide clients with information well outside the norm of traditional Christian teachings and this is where the story of Edgar Cayce and the bible gets particularly interesting.

The information contained in Cayce's own psychic readings (as author Robert Kranjenke explained to me on this week's New Age Review Radio Show) was a source of some conflict to the waking Edgar Cayce.  A conflict eventually resolved as Cayce grew in spirit over the course of his life until, as Kranjenke explained, the waking Cayce drew closer and closer to the state of higher consciousness he attained in trance.

And it is this theme of spiritual evolution which I found fundamental to "Edgar Cayce's Story of the Bible."   

The book draws from three primary sources: Edgar Cayce's psychic life readings, which often described the past lives of the individual's being read, Cayce's lectures and bibles notes, and Krajenke's own biblical scholarship.  The life reading information used in the book focused on readings done for individuals who had previous incarnations during biblical times.

Krajenke has done a wonderful job of researching and presenting the past life material contained in the readings - material which is essentially new information on the bible, providing a first person look at scripture not available from more traditional sources.

This perceptive allows us to track the incarnations and spiritual evolution of biblical figures through the scriptures - a sequence which Robert Krajenke explained quite movingly last night during his interview (below) as well as in the pages of "Edgar Cayce's Story of the Bible."

The inclusion of the life reading information in "Edgar Cayce's Story of the Bible," coupled with Cayce's (and Krajenke's) wide biblical knowledge base, provides some wonderful insights on the scriptures.   Also, as the book addresses the entire Tanakh, also known as the Hebrew bible or Old Testament, from beginning to end, it is a valuable aide to increased appreciation of the scope and sequencing of the biblical texts. 

And I recommend the book highly for all of these reasons.

It was the theme of spiritual evolution voiced throughout "Edgar Cayce's Story of the Bible" however which I found most inspiring.  It is not hard to imagine that if the great characters of the bible can grow in spirit over through the long cycle of death and rebirth, that we lesser humans can do so as well.  And this is a message well worth remembering.

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