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Meet psychic Barbara Martin and spiritual teacher Dimitri Moraitis in this episode of Mystical Living Radio (below)!  Barbara and Dimitri are the founders of The Spiritual Arts Institute and authors of "Karma and Reincarnation," "The Healing Power of Your Aura" (endorsed by medical luminaries C. Norman Shealy and Dr. Richard Gerber) and the award-winning "Change Your Aura, Change Your Life."

In this episode, Barbara and Dimitri provide some wonderful info on the aura, the chakra system, meditating with divine light and color, the symbolism of color and working with spiritual energy. Additionally, Barbara graciously provided me with a personal aura reading live on air!  Transcription of this reading follows: 

"You have an incredible powder blue above your head which is ideas and inspiration. You have a beautiful pale silver which is intelligence and lemon yellow which is part of the concentration in your mental body. You have sapphire blue in your [?] which is beautiful. You have an aqua green in your hermetic center which is balance in harmony. A carnation red which is vitality and energy. Turquoise which is prosperity and tangerine which is motivation and enthusiasm. A gold light above your head indicating good changes coming up. Also, white light and a quickening [regarding question on the manuscript]." 

Not only was this a wonderful and affirming reading, it was also very resonant with my own experiences with divine light and color. One of these experiences happened during meditation when the usual fleeting flashes of color and fleeting images I normally saw in the meditative state abruptly gave way to a solid wall of light but vivid blue. I found it validating that the first color Barbara mentioned was this same blue. I also found it interesting that the sapphire, aqua and turquoise Barbara saw in my aura were colors shown to me in my dream of the other side and are among my favorite colors. Also, I can see aqua in my own aura as well as other blues and violet. 

You can hear Barbara and Dimitri talk about the aura, divine light and color, the chakra system, as well as participate in a beautiful guided meditation via the player below:

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You can read about my experiences of blue during meditation in the following entry:  A Wall of Azure Blue.  Note that while I describe this blue as azure (and have elsewhere described it as periwinkle) the blue I saw was vivid but light in hue.

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