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A few weeks ago, I tried something new.  I created a local metaphysical group.  The Northeast PA Metaphysical Society now has 17 active members, 9 of whom have RSVP'd for our first meeting on April 16th.  

The group has a web presence at as well as a Meetup Page.  Meetup was how I attracted my initial membership but I hope to garner a few more members from getting out in the community myself and meeting new people.  

In our area meeting people with similar interests takes some creative thinking but I have some ideas.  One is to attend some of the free events at the Inner Peace Health, Healing & Wellness Center run by this Thursday's New Age Review Radio Show guest, energy healer Donna Will.  Another is to join our local Mineralogical Society which, I am told has a range of members - some of whom are interested in crystals and crystal therapy and other 'new agey' type things.

The goal of the NEPA Metaphysical society or, as my son is now calling it - NEPAM, is the exploration of theoretical and applied metaphysics through the study of historic, scientific and resonant New Age material.  A little on the lofty side, I know, but that's where I'm at these days and it seems like other people are finding themselves in a similar spot.  

I am fascinated by ancient mysteries like Atlantis and Pythagoras, Egypt and Sumer, captivated by ancient sciences like astrology and the 'new' science of Goswami and Sheldrake and the late David Bohm - whose greatness I can appreciate but not quite understand - and intrigued by a wide and growing range of sacred and esoteric texts.  I'm interested, in what are to me, applied sciences as well - dreamwork, astral travel, hypnotic regression, meditation and psychic development.  As well as anything New Age which is resonant with any and all of these resources.

I am not a scholarly person however.  So I think it will be great to learn and share with other like-minded people and I love the idea of working with others on psychic development.  As a spin off I'm thinking of doing a free online psychic development conference call workshop monthly, if others have an interest in participating.  I have not as of yet mastered my own psychic ability, but that is the point.  I haven't mastered any of this.  Learning with and from others is part of my process.

Going online with my interest in New Age topics was a big step for me back in 2010 and my online activities, which include this blog, the radio and websites, has made my world wider and kinder.  Building community locally seems like a logical next step so I'm really excited about this new opportunity to be a part of the consciousness raising that's happening right here in NE PA!

To hear local Northeast PA energy practitioner Donna Will talk about her own journey in healing as well as share her extensive knowledge base on energy medicine,  the Edgar Cayce modalities and the realization of the dream of an alternative healing center in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania please check out Journeys in Healing with Guest Energy Practitioner Donna Will at 9PM ET / 6PM PT on The New Age Review Radio Show at Questions are welcome!

To learn more about Donna Will and the Inner Peace Health, Healing and Wellness center, please check out the following article: Inner Peace Health, Healing and Wellness Center.

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