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This month's New Age Review New and Full Moon Update featuring astrologer Anna Swora addresses a very special lunar cycle.

In this episode Anna, shares some wonderful insights on the energy of Pisces, the spiritual evolution of the collective and the significance of Neptune in Pisces.

This month's new moon occurred in the sign of Pisces and several other planets are to be found in Pisces as well  Perhaps most notably  the ruler of Pisces - the planet Neptune.

About Neptune in Pisces:

Neptune is a slow mover, taking 164 years to travel through the zodiac.  It spends 14 years in a sign and initiated its last 14 year visit to the sign  Pisces in 1847.  Named for the Greek god of the sea, freshwater bodies and horses, Neptune is a planet of dreams, psychic receptivity, escapism, creativity, confusion, inspiration, illusion and, sometimes, deception.

Neptune's natural house is the Twelfth house of self-renewal, subconscious, psychic ability and karma making its sojourn through the sign of Pisces a very important astrological event. 

To learn more about the current planetary influences in Pisces, please listen to the most recent episode of  The New Age Review Radio Show via the player below!

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