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When I was in grade school, a friend told me she thought it was terrible that my grandparents owned a farm.

They kill animals, she said indignantly, as if the meat her family consumed had never been a living breathing creature with emotions just like our own. 

I was then, and am still, at a loss to understand why caring, empathetic people chose to deny such an obvious reality.

Animals in the meat industry live tortured, brutal lives and they are not quickly and efficiently dispatched as were the chickens my grandmother beheaded for Sunday dinner.  Downed animals (with broken legs or other injuries) are beaten and shocked until they drag themselves to the kill floor where things get unimaginably worse.  Some of these animals are day old calves, dragged across the fields, away for their grieving mothers.  Barely able to walk, they hosed with freezing water until they stumble toward their death.

If you eat beef or consume dairy you are directly supporting this practice and, by my definition, consuming its energy.

Mother pigs are caged in wire crates so small they cannot stand or turn.  Their babies are housed in an adjacent cage.  They are just able to reach through to nurse.  There is no physical contact.  No cuddling however brief.  Just like the mother cows and their calves they are not allowed even an interlude of love.  If you consume pork, you support this practice and consume its energy.

Factory chickens live their lives in a wire box, are debeaked without anesthesia and suffer from devastating and painful illness and disease as they produce eggs.

When they are done laying they are tossed on a pile for slaughter, delicate legs often broken.  If you eat these eggs or eat this meat, you support this practice and you consume its energy.  

People don't as rule, have a lot of sympathy for chickens or for smaller animals in general but they have the same needs we do for community and family.

In a free range environment, they will hide their eggs in a vain attempt to save their chicks.  And many free range environments are inhumane as well.  Better than factory eggs but still ultimately cruel.

If you are reading this blog and still eating meat, please watch the following video: Earthlings.  If you are reading this blog and still consuming animal products or struggling with being vegan (as I sometimes do) please watch the video below.  And please keep in mind as you watch it that if you consume dairy, you consume this energy.

Those who compare the atrocities committed against animals with the holocaust are frequently sanctioned and this is something I do understand.  An important similarity however exists: self imposed ignorance and denial of readily available information in regard to ongoing evil is not an excuse.  In my opinion, spirit asks more of us.

As spiritual beings we value the energy of place, the vibration of matter and frequency of our spiritual selves. We may visit Sedona Arizona, work in our garden, surround ourselves with crystals or practice Feng Shui. But if we believe that matter has energy, how can we choose to ignore the energy of the matter we use as food - matter which  becomes a part of who we are in ways which transcend the physical?

By supporting the production of animal products we enable atrocity.  By consuming the energy of pain, fear and despair we fundamentally undermine our own spiritual integrity.  And if you are reading this blog, you deserve better.

Please watch the truth about dairy and take a moment to view some of the pictures below.  Please understand that far more disturbing images and video exist.

Newborn calf about to be taken from his mother.
Mother unable to care for or even touch with her babies.
Traumatized rooster awaiting his fate.
Downed Pig. Many animals are severally injured and must drag themselves to slaughter.
Frightened calf hoping to be reunited with his mother. He will be killed instead. Humans will drink her milk.

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  1. Thank you and bless you, dearest one, for your compassionate heart and soul... this is an important article.. for the liberation of the animal kingdom... and also for the healing of our souls.. which we destroy each time we consume the animals, torture the animals in ways that make Dante's Inferno look like a day at the beach. God bless you for having eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart propelled by Divine Love.

    1. Oh Carol. Thank you so much. Your kind words mean so much.

      Animals are here for their own reasons of course, but I believe that one of their gifts is to teach us how to love. Sometimes I feel that we'll never learn - but meeting another kindred soul always gives me hope!

      Bright Blessings,


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