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My exploration of mediumship began with research for a psychic development episode on my radio show, The New Age Review, and an online psychic aptitude test. Taking that test, I realized that all of my past spiritual and psychic experiences have had one thing in common - a connection with the other side. 

Encouraged by my friend and cohost Shirley Chase, I enrolled in a wonderful live online course called Connecting with the Other Side given by the internationally known medium John Holland

I had heard of Holland before and seen him on national television on a show called The Unexplained. In the episode I watched, Holland provided a very compelling reading to two sisters searching for closure and answers related to untimely death of a beloved father. I was impressed by Holland's highly evidential reading as well as the kindness and compassion he showed throughout the reading. Not only is this guy good, I thought to myself, he is wonderful ambassador for spirit as well. 

And that is how Holland sees himself - a someone who works for spirit the side, delivering their messages to those they love. 

The course was fantastic. In it, I learned about Holland's focused and practical approach to psychic development and mediumship. This approach emphasizes the process of developing mediumistic ability through by developing our own psychic equipment through meditation, chakra and breath work and strengthening of the aura. 

Holland's emphasis on doing the work appealed to me. For me, this method provides a perfect balance between teachers who offer an anyone can do it approach and those who say that psychic ability is a gift reserved for a lucky few. And I agree with Holland wholeheartedly when he says that before you reach out to spirit, you need to develop a connection with your own spirit self. 

Holland's approach is clearly outlined in his wonderful book, Psychic Navigator: Harnessing Your Inner Guidance with CD (Audio), which provides specific and very useful exercises for developing psychic and mediumistic abilities - a book I am currently working with.

I found John Holland to be a very interesting guy. Born in Boston into an Irish Catholic family, he was the boy who did not fit in or play sports in the streets with his brothers but preferred to stay in and read books on metaphysical topics. Demonstrating psychic ability from a young age, as an adult he repressed this ability - until a serious accident reopened his connection to the other side. From that point, he applied himself to the study of mediumship full force. 

Holland's search for knowledge and training led all the way to the UK where he studied psychic development and mediumship within the spiritualist church. And this may be part of the reason why his approach is so structured and direct. 

I learned a great deal from the course and from Psychic Navigator and the companion meditation CD. I am so grateful to have found it. I am also exploring the resources provided by Holland on his website. I will be blogging again on my process with Psychic Navigator and the other resources Holland recommends!

To learn more about John Holland and his upcoming workshops please visit

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  1. By reading this info I can surely say that he is a professional psychic reader and a best psychic medium also. I think that he can guide me to learn psychic abilities.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts, Psychic :) I feel that way too. Glad you liked the article!

  3. im thinking of ddoing his online courses in hay house anyone got feedback on the courses online

  4. Hi Anon. Thanks for commenting. I'm looking forward to what others have to say as well!


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