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Perhaps I have always been interested in Spiritualism, without ever quite admitting to it, but as I open myself more and more to the new frontier of mediumship I find the writing of the Spiritualists impossible to resist.

I recently purchased "Harmonial Philosophy" by Andrew Jackson Davis even though much of Davis' material is available online. For me nothing beats snuggling up in my favorite armchair and reading in the light of my grandfather's old reading lamp. Online material is great too however with the added advantage being free to read when in the public domain.

In this post I'm sharing the following public domain resource, the electronic "Great Harmonia" by Andrew Jackson Davis and hope to be sharing other  free metaphysical texts going forward.

For all its failings, the internet is a wonderful thing!

Click on the first of the three buttons at left of the reader to enlarge.  Use the arrow keys to advance.

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  1. Marco Pellicciotta: He's one of the greats prophets of his time. Very good book!

  2. Thank you for commenting Marco. I agree. He was quite remarkable!


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