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The Spiritual Arts Institute was founded by psychic, author and spiritual teacher Barbara Martin and spiritual teacher and author Dimitri Moraitis.  Martin is a clairvoyant who has devoted her life to aura reading and working directly with spirit and she shares what she has learned freely in all of her courses.

I have been privileged to take part in two Spiritual Arts Institute courses, Change Your Aura, Change Your Life and Communing with the Divine.  Courses are taught via MegaMeeting with live audio and video.  I found that the added dimension of video made the class come to life and allows students to better connect with each other, as well as the instructors.

In the Change Your Aura class I learned a great deal about Martin's approach to meditating with divine color and light, a form of meditation which I have been doing for some time now.  In Communing with the Divine, Martin shared her experience of spiritual hierarchies - the topic of her upcoming book.  While I found the placement of Jesus in this hierarchy somewhat outside of my own personal belief system, I did very much enjoy the information given on angelic energies and the suggestions provided for working with those energies.

Communing with the Divine also covered dreamwork and accessing the other side through dreams - a topic of great interest to me as my most coherent and, in many ways, most evidential experience of the other side occurred during dreams.  

I can honestly say that my contact with the sleep temples / learning centers, passed loved ones and my own spirit guides are among my strongest experiences of spirit to date.

My favorite part of Communing with the Divine was the information Martin and Moraitis shared on the sleep temples of the spirit realm and the guided meditations aimed at accessing these temples.  We were advised to set our intention on a particular realm at bedtime which I found quite helpful.

I believe strongly that we all visit the other side in our dreams and this is, in my opinion, the reason why sleep is so essential to our psychological well being.  When we sleep, when all of us sleep, we return to the realm of spirit we call home.  

We dream of other things of course and may even, in my opinion, visit lower spiritual dimensions from time to time.  It is the time spent in the higher realms of spirit, however, which helps us remember our essence and access the divinity of our own immortal soul.

Starting tonight, I will be reinstituting Steven LaBerge's lucid dreaming protocol and blogging on the results.  My intention is to consciously access the realms of spirit I have previously experienced on a spontaneous and too intermittent basis.  I sense that this will be an excellent complement to my current process in developing mediumship.

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  1. Good to know about the Spiritual Arts Institute. Helping souls grow..


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