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I have been attending a psychic development circle led by spiritualist medium and teacher Gloria Weichand.  The group meets once a week at The Spirit Education Center located in the Pocono mountains and is within reasonable driving distance of my home.  How great, and completely unexpected, is that?

Tonight was my third meeting (my first was at Gloria's other meeting site at the Journey Within Spiritualist Church in Pompton Lakes NJ).  At each meeting so far, Gloria has provided a different and very thought provoking learning experience.  

At my first meeting we paired off for exercises in mediumship.  At the second we worked with auras and mediumship as a group.  

At last night's meeting we again worked in pairs.  Our exercise was to make eye contact and write a series of psychic impressions down in our notebook, followed by a series of impressions from spirit.  The lesson of the exercise was to learn to discern the difference between information obtained psychically and that obtained directly from spirit.

I was somewhat less accurate in this exercise as I was the previous week but I did learn a great deal.  My psychic impressions came to me in an intuitive way - that is to say I felt or knew the information I gave was applicable and for the most part it was.  

My mediumship reading however came in a much more sensory fashion.  By this I mean that I received impressions that were in one instance audible and in all others visual.  For example, I clearly heard a name which was the middle name of my partner's aunt - a stretch.  I also clearly saw a property which was not immediately familiar to my sitter and a glass paperweight which belonged to his grandfather.  

While this specific difference will not necessarily apply to others (we all process psychic information differently) it helped me to see the difference between my own soul knowing and the information provided by spirit.

What's more completing this exercise taught me a bit about how to relay information.  Looking back on my notes I realized I had added to my original vision, including left brain perceptions which quite possibly interfered with my partner's ability to identify the information.  In regard to the property for example, I specified a house in the country when I was really just seeing tall grass which could have just as likely meant an unkempt yard or vacant lot.  

I would have done better describing the bungalow style house I saw than I did by assuming since we were in the country, my partner was from the area.  He and his family were originally from Brooklyn! 

Learning mediumship is a gift of course, in the way everything we are given here is a gift, but it is also very much, in my opinion, a process.  And I feel fortunate to have found a place where I can come to understand how this process works for me.  

Studying mediumship is helpful, of course, and I have just begun "So You Want to Be a Medium" - a book Gloria recommends with the expectation that it will be very instructive.  But I also feel that, psychic development being such a personal process, discovering our own process must to some extent be personal as well.  That is why the type of exercises provided at The Spirit Education Center are so very helpful.

In doing these exercises, I believe that we are working directly with spirit and that if we apply ourselves, spirit will provide us with the understanding we need to strengthen our connection with the other side.

To learn more about Gloria and The Spirit Education Center, please check out her website at or tune in to her monthly radio show The Medium's View at!

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