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Emily Post
The true test of any psychic reading is time.  And it was time that tested my psychic reading with angelic channeler Kim O'Neill.

I knew a bit about Kim before my reading.  I had reviewed her book, The Calling: My Journey with the Angels, and interviewed her on my radio show (now available via podcast).  I was impressed by both her writing and on-air presence and had no trouble saying that I was.   

I less sure of what I should say about the reading I had with her in October of 2012.

I was the winner of Kim's monthly free reading contest and Kim graciously extended this half hour reading to a full hour as a thank you for my support of her work.  

I had intended to blog on the reading right away but I found some of Kim's predictions perplexing.  A few seemed highly unlikely.  I wasn't sure how to evaluate the information Kim had given me.  I could not say that she was wrong.  But I couldn't say that it was right either.

My opinion on the reading has flucuated over time.  And while I don't want to work through the entire reading on a point by point basis, I do want to discuss some of the specifics.  

Kim predicted that I would live into my nineties which was resonant to me immediately.  In her first book, How to Talk With Your Angels, Kim suggests that everyone knows the age that they will pass and asks the reader to name that date.  My intuition was that I would transition well into my nineties.  I even remember writing it inside the margin of the book.  Kim also mentioned a past life in Atlantis which was highly resonant to me as well.  This info was validating.  Something I could easily accept.  But that was not the case however with some of the other information given.

Case in point.  Kim told me that we would not move into our new house until March or April of 2013 - something which seemed incomprehensible to me in October 2012.  After a series of small but reoccurring issues with the renovations (as Kim specifically predicted) we moved into our new home in March 2013.

During my reading with Kim, I was told the names of my spirit helpers, one of whom Kim named as Emily Post.  She said that Emily and I had a great deal in common which I thought quite unlikely.  So unlikely that I promptly dismissed (and forgot) the information.  Lately however, the name 'Emily' has been coming to me when I participate in psychic development circles.  I know it is not related to the person for whom I'm reading but it there anyway and after re-listening to Kim's reading, that coincidence prompted me to look up Emily Post and learn the following:
Emily Post was the daughter of architect Bruce Price and Josephine (Lee) Price of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania (the area in which I happen to live).  Her life, while privileged was marred by scandal, and she divorced her husband after his infidelities caught the attention of blackmailers, the legal system and the press.  She went on to write several works of fiction, magazine articles and other pieces and her wildly successful book of etiquette.  Of etiquette she said, "Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others. If you have that awareness, you have good manners, no matter what fork you use."
There is some common ground, I decided, after all.  Do I feel that Emily Post is one of my spirit guides?  I have to say that I would be surprised.  Updating this post in 2014, I can share that I have formed a personal relationship with my guides and have not found an Emily among them.  There may however be some sort of past life connection.

Kim strongly advised me to set aside my nonfiction manuscript and return to fiction.  Something I did not want to do at all. My idea for writing a spiritual nonfiction is that sharing my own journey might be of help to others which I believe to be a worthwhile endeavor.  Be that as it may, the book refuses to come together.

Updating this article in 2017, I'd like to share that I have been back and forth on the fiction project.  I do think I will return to fiction at some point but my primary focus is on getting my spiritual book written.

No psychic is one hundred percent accurate one hundred percent of the time.  And I didn't expect that of Kim any more than I do of any other reader.  What I found most difficult to believe about her reading however, was the success she assured me I would have with my spiritual fiction and the difference I could make in the life of others through writing.  This might have been due to lack of confidence as Kim mentioned.

Kim's outline of the story line she believed that I would write didn't resonate with me at the time.  And I don't feel that will change.  I could be wrong, however.  The test of any psychic reading is time and time may show that Kim was right about the project.

I will keep you updated!

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  1. My experience with Kim wowed me at first, but I don't feel positive about my reading being accurate at all. It has been about 6 years or so since the reading, and there is not one single item that occurred as she (in a detailed manner) described. Having known many other psychics over the years, I am sorry to say this reading was simply a waste of time and money. From what I see on the Internet, I am not the only one who feels this way....

  2. Hi Anon. Thanks for sharing your experience! The test of any reading IS time and it sounds like you've allowed that. While I was able to validate some important aspects of my reading after a year, the rest goes even farther out. "Time will tell" for me, I suppose, as it did for you <3

    In Love & Light,

  3. I agree with Anon. I had a reading with Kim in 2009 and nothing came true. After comparing notes with others about their experience with her this seems to be a typical reading: everyone will be a writer (occasionally an artist) and all single women will meet the man of their dreams for a heart-mind-soul connection. She also includes a couple of past lives (whether you ask for it or not). One of my past lives was as a nun in Galveston Tx and I died in a hurricane. She gave the date and described it in detail. Living in Toledo, OH I was impressed - I had never heard this story. Low and behold, I just moved to Houston (something Kim said would NEVER happen) actually near Kim. Turns out everyone in Texas learns of this storm in school and everyone in the area visits the shrine in Galveston. It is big news here. I brought up the historical society home page and read the accounts. Kim's account of my "death" was right there. She must have read it verbatim. I am stunned and disappointed. If she is unethical I will let Karma handle this one...

  4. Thank you for sharing your experience Anonymous. I appreciate your candor! I did find Kim's reading affirming in terms of my writing but have not gone with the type of book she suggested I write. I did a radio interview recently with medium Gloria Weichand. She talks about evidential psychic readings and how to evaluate a reading. I found it very helpful. If anyone would like to listen in archive, here is the link:

  5. I also have had about 4 readings with Kim. Each time I will meet a new Mr. Wonderful but it has never come through. She also has told me to write and that will bring me a lot of money. Just not sure about any of it.

  6. HI Anon. Thanks for sharing. I appreciate that you took the time to comment!

    As an update - I am writing right now. Something I was doing before my reading as well (though at the time I had my reading with Kim I was blocked). Having gone back and forth on fiction vs. nonfiction for some time, I'm currently toggling back and forth between two manuscripts - one fiction, one non and for me it's working.

    The decision to work on both manuscripts simultaneously was based on my own psychic assessment (see for details) but it does include fiction, as Kim suggested - though not the specific storyline she had recommended.

  7. I had a reading with Kim too and was told I would be traveling all over channeling. I would be a key channeler in a place where she will be channeling. This has been a few years ago and I don't travel. At least not yet but at 80 I doubt this will all happen.

    1. Hi Jean. Thanks for sharing your experience. I did not know you were 80! I think it would be nice for you to travel around but understand your skepticism.

      I have to say that I liked Kim and enjoyed her reading but still don't feel any real connection to Emily Post. I am writing fiction and non-fiction now and I do think she was right about returning to fiction but don't feel that I should only do fiction.

      For me, she was right about moving and some other things felt resonant. I am not using the story line she suggested for my fiction, however, and don't feel like I will.

      To me, this is one of the pitfalls in making hard and fast predictions. To me, the future is always a potentiality. While it can be helpful to know what our potential is, the way that we realize that potential isn't, in my experience, set.

      I would like to be very successful with my fiction and hope that this part of Kim's reading comes to pass. If and when it does, I will definitely update!

      Thanks so much for sharing your experience!


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