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I can remember when I thought the Law of Attraction was no more than wishful thinking.  Life, as I was taught it, was hard work and the harder you worked - the better.  

For a time, I embraced this hard working and extremely linear approach to life.  I ignored my intuition and charged through all obstacles head on.  I progressed.  But I did not get anywhere.  So in the nineties, I began experimenting.  With writing.  With art.  With meditation.  Yoga.  Spirituality.

I learned to listen to my inner voice and things began to change.

I discovered that there were a lot of things I didn't really need in a material sense and that many of the things I could not do without were free.  And as I meditated and wrote and sculpted, I learned, as Sonia Choquette says, to feed my soul.  

But I did not learn a better approach to accomplishment.  So when I decided that what would feed my soul best was a bigger house with room for gatherings and office space and gardens and enough passive income for an early retirement, I hopped back on the wheel of linear effort and working hard.

I accomplished a lot.  Over time, however, the energy I once had for creating other more artistic things dwindled.  Dissatisfied with this turn of events, I read a bit about the Law of Attraction.  I wanted to be creative again.  I wished to be creative again.  I imagined a book, not only written but selling.  No book materialized.

And this is one of the reasons why I am finding Sonia Choquette's wonderful workbook so amazing.

'Your Heart's Desire' is not about wishful thinking.  It is about  creating what you wish for.  Taken further than that however, it is about understanding and discovering your own desires before you take that first step towards manifestation.  

Though I have only been working with it a short time, I have already discovered why I am having so much trouble writing.  I am, as Choquette (and my friend Tara) says, overlooking immediate needs in my own life, certainly, but there is more to it then that. And this is explained through the first principle of 'Your Heart's Desire:' "your thoughts create" as well as the second, "gain the support of your subconscious."

Desire, Choquette tells us, directs focus.  Vague desire creates blurred focus, while heartfelt desire creates a focus which is sharp and clear.  Her workbook leads the reader through a series of exercises aiding in the identification of true desire.  I was surprised by mine.  Spiritual discovery and spirituality topped the list at 10 and 9, followed by family, finances (!) and home.  Work and creative expression came in at 5 and 4 with health and possessions falling last.

It seems that I am manifesting more of what I really want than I imagined.  It also seems that, with sufficient insight, I can improve upon what I imagine.

What has been key for me so far is understanding the role of my subconscious in all of this.  'Your Heart's Desire' points out quite correctly that what you consciously desire must be in agreement with your subconscious assessment of that desire.  My subconscious knows that I don't really want to write a book right now.  I want to create a measure of security for my family and myself.

What my subconscious does not perhaps understand is how important spiritual discovery is at this point in my journey and this is what 'Your Heart's Desire' is helping me address.

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