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Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery
Last Sunday I was a guest on Christiana Gaudet's wonderful internet TV show, Christiana's Psychic Cafe.  It was fun to be the interviewee.  And Christiana asked some wonderful questions.

She also gave me the opportunity to perform angel card readings live on the Psychic Cafe.  This is something I do every Sunday on my own show, The New Age Review Radio Show.  I find that it helps me connect with my audience with the added benefit of improving my reading skills.  This was true of reading on Christiana's show as well.

Christiana is a wonderful card reader and a natural teacher.  She has written two books on tarot, Tarot Tour Guide and Fortune Stellar.  I recommend both.  She does not read angel cards but she was able to offer some wonderful insights on two of the angel cards I drew, reminding me to be alert to the symbolism these beautiful cards offer.

Christiana asked me about my take on angel cards, in contrast to tarot.  I told her that I thought that angel cards tend to focus on soul growth and spiritual healing and I do believe that this is the case.  Similar readings can be obtained with tarot, of course, but many of the angel card decks are specifically geared toward this type of reading.  Tarot's strong suit, in my opinion, is the focused answers it gives to specific questions and the metaphysical information it can provide.

I use a combination of tarot and angel cards in my private readings. Last Sunday, after a particular rewarding private readings for a good friend, I went on to give live on-air readings using a combination of tarot and angel cards on my show and I think that I may continue to use this combination.  Christiana's wonderful interview played a part in that decision.

To watch my interview with Christiana please click on the video below. In the next post you can listen to my new on air-reading style which includes a combination of tarot and angel cards.  

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