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I made an important decision tonight regarding a lot of my activities.  And as badly as I feel about letting people down, I also feel that I did the right thing.  

The local metaphysical group I have been running is now on hold and the internet radio show is on hiatus.  I have freed up what averages out to several hours a week by doing this and at this point I need those hours.

Yesterday I worked from seven in the morning to eleven at night.  Today's schedule was better.  My day sort of ended at seven then got switched back on at eight.  And it was the switch back, that did it.

I felt let down and unappreciated and frustrated and the resulting emotion caught me off guard.  When it passed however, I found that I had remembered something good about that kind of emotion.  Sometimes it a wave that carries you to just exactly where you need to go.

I am a creative person and I like to create.  Sometimes I create things, like businesses and radio shows and webpages, because I like the process.  Having done that, however, I sometimes find myself stuck with something that is not strictly speaking part of my path though it may well be part of somebody else's.  This has been happening a lot lately.

I won't go back to the weekly radio show though I may consider doing it monthly.  I will continue with my metaphysical work and my courses and this blog.  But I may be reviewing less and sharing more.  

Everything is evolving.

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