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I recently attended Gloria Weichand's wonderful Cabinet Mediumship Intensive in Effort, PA. The energy at the Spirit Sanctuary (where Gloria holds all her meetings) is always amazing but for those two days it seemed at an all time high.

I cannot cover all that I learned and everything that happened to me there in one article or even in two - so this post and the next will talk about what was most significant to me. 

First, I'd like to share my experience with my commuincator guide and a bit about how my first historically accurate mediumship reading began.  In the next article, I will focus on that surprisingly accurate historical reading and the research which I found so very validating.

I am still fairly new to working with spirit guides.  So new that until recently, I knew my guides only through dreams and vague childhood memories.  Lately however, I have been working with Rose Vanden Eynden's very helpful book "So you want to be a Medium" (at Gloria's suggestion) and I am learning more every day.

In its pages, Vanden Eynden presents a highly structured look at spirit.  She maintains that each of us have five guides who have been with us since birth:  a joy guide,  protector guide, doctor-teacher, doctor-chemist and master guide.  And Gloria encourages this approach as well.

Initially, I was dubious about a spiritual system.  Systems have a left brain feel to me which spirit definitely does not.  How could I possibly force the fluid complexity of spiritual energy into five cut and dried categories?

I wasn't sure but as I worked with "So You Want to be a Medium" I connected with a young joyful energy.  I remembered that my dream of spirit (see Dreams: The Wandering Soul) one of the beings involved was specifically introduced to me as a doctor.  And it occurred to me that my childhood memories of my first known spirit guide Arthur strongly suggested a protector type energy.  I was still dubious but I was also intrigued.

So in Gloria's Cabinet intensive, we were asked to connect with our communicator guide (a function which may assigned to any of our five main guides) prior to our actual cabinet work. Obediently, I asked the spiritual energy I identified as my communicator guide to step forward hoping for the woman in blue from my dream.

I had been receiving information on this particular energy in my meditations.  I know that she was associated with very ancient times hundreds and has a connection to water or the sea.  Her color is blue.  But I have gotten two blues for her - a vivid yet light shimmering turquoise and a deep evening-sky indigo.  This had led me to wonder if she was one guide or two.

I hoped that in this meditation I would come up with more information and a better sense of just who this spirit was.

As the meditation progressed, I clearly saw my lady in blue.  She wore a long aquamarine gown and she was tall and thin with long curling hair. The gown seemed vaguely Grecian to me in style - in the way of Sir Lawrence Alma Tameda.  The guide put her head to one side and I could tell she was smiling.

This was how I had been picturing her for some time.  Everything fit.

And then quite suddenly, for the first time, I saw her face with photographic clarity.  She was not Grecian in the way of the pale and delicate models of Tameda at all.  Instead her features were exotic.  I saw slightly upturned eyes, high wide cheek bones and a full lips curled into a smile.   But I knew it was her - all of her features were cast in a monochrome of pure deep blue - a shade somewhere between aqua and indigo.

I was to get more information the next day when we did a meditation Gloria called 'Make a New Friend in Spirit.'  And this, it occurs to me, is perhaps too much to go into here.  I think I will have to save the rest of the info on this guide for the manuscript (in whatever form it may take :) and cover the historical reading next post.

What is significant to me  about the experience is that this guide did step forward when I asked for a communicator spirit and that the blue of her face fell between the other two blues she has shown me.  I was also beginning to feel that this was a unified energy.

What is also significant is the way all of this is coming together.  And the miracle of  discovering and believing things I never thought possible.  What an adventure it is!

Please check back for my next post:  Validating Spirit:  My First Historical Mediumship Reading.

To read about one of my first spirit guide dreams, please check out the following post:  Dreams: The Wandering Soul.

Please note that not all of Tadema's ancient ladies are ginger haired and fair.  Some are almost as exotic as my vision. Still the paintings which put me in mind of my tend to contain the more anglicized images. Perhaps this is because these paintings depict such beautiful oceans.  Or maybe it is simply a matter of color.  These blues are almost as lovely as the blues I have been shown in my meditations and dreams.

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  1. Thank you for introducing me to the beautiful works by Tadema !


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