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Working with Sonia Choquette's workbook Your Heart's Desire is an ongoing wonderful experience but if you're thinking about really applying the principles contained in the book, I will warn you - a certain amount of courage may be required.

Change isn't for the faint of heart and things have been changing rapidly for me since I began working with this incredible book.  Probably largely because I have taken step number four "eliminate your obstacles" to heart.

As it turns out my obstacles are not what I thought they were.  Some were even masquerading as part of my path.  Applying the insight I gained in the book, I cut these loose and didn't look back.

It's hard to let go of things but this is how we make space.  In our day.  In our homes.  In our hearts.  My creative process has been buried under a great pile of promises and obligations. Some of that burden has been lifted within the last several days.  Some of it is still weighing me down.

The hard truth is that sometimes freedom is free and sometimes it costs.  Case in point, my obligation in regard to the disposition of property.  The cost of getting free of that burden is the hard, grinding labor of getting three neglected homes ready to sell, rent and live in - all at the same time.

In this, there are no shortcuts.

The last few years have been tough ones and sometimes I feel it.  So I took Sonia Choquette's advice and made a manifestation list of the things I have already manifested.  The room pictured above represents one of them. You can see the before pic (from a little over a year ago) below.

This is how many of the rooms looked when we took possession.  Others were worse!

This property is not the one we are selling.  It's the one we've picked for ourselves.  Getting from this pic to the one on top wasn't easy.  And it began with an idea for a house others considered unlikely.

I had 35,000 dollars and a long list of must haves, including renovation potential, a large lot, 4 bedrooms, a hilltop location, low crime area, big kitchen, most of the original woodwork and a garage.  And yes, I manifested it all.

After I wrap up my remaining obligations in regard to the properties, I will manifest the space to create via my writing.  And I have to say honestly that I do believe that I will succeed.

*If you look carefully you will see the same pup in both pictures.  Her name is Bella and she is much more at home in the first pic.  As are we all!

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