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Principle Number Five in Sonia Choquette's wonderful workbook, Your Heart's Desire, is about opening yourself up to guidance.  

It is the step which marks the halfway point in working with Choquette's creative principles of manifestation.  It is, the author promises, the point at which the reader's conscious efforts will be joined by those of the universe.  And this has been the case for me.

It is no coincidence, certainly, that Principle Five overlapped the Mediumship Workshop I attended last week in Effort, PA.  This workshop helped me to better connect with a spirit guide I have been working with for a while now, as well as experience her role as a gatekeeper for the very first time.

Additionally this workshop introduced me to a new guide whom I was able to validate historically - another first for me.

Principle Five stresses the important of listening for guidance through meditation and prayer.  The reader is also encouraged to work directly with their guides and I have decided to pause and spend some time on developing these relationships.  I am trying to maintain an attitude of openness to spirit at all times.

My issue - or my main life-path issue is, and has, been my writing and this is what I hoped "Your Heart's Desire" would help me address.  And so it has.

But there is something else at work.   This week I set out to explore my experiences in Effort here in the blog in full.  But in the end, I didn't.  I decided that some of it was a better fit for the manuscript.

This is an evolution in the way I think about my writing.  More than that, it is the subtle sort of knowing only comes from spirit.

What  type of manuscript should I write and how should it be structured?  I don't know right now but I do know what I have to say today. 

This I consider progress.

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