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I possess a clear idea of where I am going in a spiritual sense, or perhaps more correctly, where I want to be.  This is not to say that I'm not happy with where I'm at - I am - but I also know that there is something for me, beyond what I'm doing right now.  And I feel strongly compelled to get there.

I have written about my dreams and visions of spirit on several occasions.  I have found these experiences to be life changing but I have also found the need to learn more almost haunting.  For a reason not completely clear to me, however, I didn't realize that this need was a goal until quite recently.

As I worked with Sonia Choquette's wonderful book "Your Heart's Desire: Instructions for Creating the Life You Really Want" I realized that progressing in my dreamwork, out of body experience exercises, clairvoyance and mediumship were not only important steps on my spiritual to-do list but my most important life goals - at least at this particular point on the path.

It was exciting to finally have my priorities in order.  But it was frustrating as well.  Communing with spirit is not an easy thing to learn how to do.  I knew - whether I acknowledged this contact as a goal or not - my drive for a better connection to spirit was strong and I had been working at improving it for some time. 

Now that it was my primary life path goal, I felt that it was time to intensify my focus. Not sure what else to do, I asked spirit to show me how I might do that and pulled an angel card.  The card was called "Notice the Signs."  I thought it was timely and I knew that the color (violet in real life but appears pink in the pic) had meaning for me, as did the symbol of the feather.  What was also significant: the angel reminded me of Gabrielle.  Same red-gold curls.  Same kind of light.

I was not particularly impressed with the message however.  I wanted assurances.  I wanted answers.  I did not especially want to be advised to be on the lookout for signs.

So I drew another card from another angel deck.  "The answer you seek involves going to school," it said. I liked this message better.  It seemed more concrete.  More doable.  More likely to get results. Looking closely I saw that this angel was surprisingly similar to the first.

This strengthened the message certainly.  And going to school did make perfect sense.  In April I had taken a one day workshop in mediumship at The Journey Within Spiritualist Church in Pompton Lakes NJ and found it to be incredibly helpful.  I have also been attending a wonderful Spirit Circle not too far from my own house in NE PA.  I felt lucky to have  these resources within driving distance.  I also felt lucky to be able to pay for them.

There were several other courses I wanted to take as well but having moved into one house not long ago and not sold the other made every decision at least somewhat about money.  And I had been wondering how I could afford the courses I wanted to take for sometime.  

Looking at the double Gabrielles, however, I understood that it was time to stop wondering and ask someone what could be done.  As Gabrielle is the angel of communication, I decided to email Journey Within. 

The next day I received a response.  A reasonable deposit was required to register for one of the courses and I could pay the balance for that one and the other three I wanted to take a bit at a time.  Two other courses closer to home were also apparently within reach as well.

Beginning this summer and extending into August of 2014, I suddenly had a full rooster of workshops in mediumship stretching out before me.

I was excited about the workshops but I felt strongly that I needed to work on all fronts.  My dreams and visions were my best experiences of spirit to date.   The psychic development seemed doable at home.  The out of body exercises and dreamwork were not going particularly well however.  And reading the right books didn't seem to be giving me the results that I needed.

The next morning I decided to look for a bookmark that I could print out and share with my friend Tara, who is working through "Your Heart's Desire" with me.  I googled 'butterfly bookmarks" and found a lovely website.   I landed on a page where its owner, an artist named Audrey Jean offered a free bookmark graphic to anyone who wanted to print it out.

I remembered the angel card and felt a sudden appreciation for the miracle of signs.  We do not, in many instances, receive our answers from spirit just when we want them.  But we do get much needed hope and encouragement through the many small signs that spirit sends along our way in between. 

In this case, my sign was a bookmark.  It had a blue butterfly on it.  That blue was my blue.  And there was a verse as well:  "May He give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed."


It is my intention to print out this bookmark and dedicate it to my "Your Heart's Desire" workbook.  Whenever I look at it, I hope to be reminded that my questions will be answered  in just the right way - at just the right time!

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