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The Star by Thalia Took
Every few weeks, I meet with my friend Tara Miller, and we read cards for each other.  

Tara is, as I have mentioned before, a very talented professional reader with a large following and an extremely long wait list.  So  I know I'm lucky to be able to exchange readings with her on a regular basis for this reason alone.  

But what happens when we read for each goes beyond all of that. I have found a synchronicity to our readings based not only on friendship but on mutual spiritual resonance.  It gives me with a level of insight other card readings just don't provide.  

Tara and I got together earlier this month and read on a number of topics.  All of the info given was accurate and highly resonant, I think, for both of us.  Some of the material, however, clicked into place in a way that made both of us sit up and take notice.  From my perspective there were three notable examples of this.  In this post, I will share one:

I had asked Tara to read on another psychic reading I had received.  In this (previous) reading, I was told that I would write spiritual fiction and that one of my books would be made into a movie. I've been struggling with this information and the whole spiritual fiction concept.  And not only because it seems fantastic to me.

While I have had some great experiences writing fiction, I can't help feeling that wrapping my spiritual truths inside of make-believe will weaken them.  I wonder if people ever really take fictional messages to heart.

So even though I felt silly, I asked Tara to see what she could on me + spiritual fiction + a movie deal. The kind of question you can only ask a true friend! She pulled several favorable cards but what was most interesting to me was what she said when she pulled the Star card.

"I don't know why I'm getting this," she said as she looked at it.  "But I keep hearing Star Wars.  The movie."

While everything she said had meaning to me, this was one piece of information which fell into place with an almost audible click.  The reason why follows.

As a child I felt the energy of places and people living and passed.  I had no real context for this and didn't really understand how or why it happened or even what it was exactly.  All I knew for sure was that I got it and nobody else apparently did.  As I got older, I begin to wonder if something was wrong with me.  In some ways, I began to shut down.

And then came Star Wars.

I remember seeing it in the theater and the feeling I got when they talked about The Force. And I very clearly remember sitting in the dark the dark after the movie absorbing the idea.  Everyone was getting up and walking out but I was caught by the idea of unifying field of energy traveling from one end of the universe to the other.

So while my friends filed into the lobby, I asked myself if it was possible that such a field might really exist.  It occurred to me that if it did and if it really could carry information, that there was a chance that field could someday bridge the gulf that apparently divides us and make this world a better place.

Star Wars did not answer all of my questions and it did not single-handedly change anything.  But it did touch something in me and it gave me hope.  And hope is always a brand new beginning.

I still don't know if my next manuscript is going to be fiction or non fiction and I toggle back and forth between the two in seemingly endless bursts of confusion and clarity.  But I do get the message.

The star is our heart's desire.  The star is a dream and the way that we reach for it.  The star is Star Wars and destiny and hope.

When we share our truths we share our hope and hope is what bridges all of the gaps.  How we share isn't even especially important.  What matters is that we keep at it.  And I will keep at it until I understand the how and the why.

Thank you Tara for the hope you've given me, in so many ways.

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  1. Love your blog! I've been doing a lot of research into tarot reading and this has really helped. Thank you!

  2. Thank you so much. I'm glad you're finding the tarot content information and do so appreciate your kind words <3


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