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I'm currently working with Sonia Choquette's transformational workbook "Your Heart's Desire."  The book leads the reader through a series of nine spiritual principles.  

In my first post on the book, I talk about principles one and two.  It can be read here: Manifesting Your Heart's Desire with Sonia Choquette: 1st and 2nd Principles.

In my most recent post (Signs from Spirit) I talked about the way things are evolving for me as I work through "Your Heart's Desire" and how synchonistic all of this is.

This post is about principle three, "Imagine Your Heart's Desire."  And not only is this principle fun -  it is also hugely important.

In principle number two, "Imagine Your Heart's Desire," Choquette explains how we create what we believe.  She tells us that "beliefs create the landscape of your experience by imprinting the subconscious mind with directives.  Each belief you accept," she says, "is embraced by the subconscious mind as a command which the subconscious then sets about following."

Not only is this true, it is essential.  So essential that it provides the framework for principle three.

All of our lives we are reminded to be realistic which is just another way of saying that we should accept reality as is.  Imagining something better is frowned upon and many of us grew up with warnings about pipe dreams and dreamers and the utter foolishness of dodging what was.

Principle number three, however, encourages these dreams.  It asks the reader to "use the full power of imagination to evoke an internal experience of what you really want."  In this sense our imagination is the emotional fuel that dreams are made of.  It is also the architect of our subconscious expectation and the reality which is sure to result.

This is not to say that we can be anyone.  As Choquette says elsewhere in the book in a passage I cannot seem to find:  We cannot be whoever we want.  We can only be who we are.

Being our very best authentic self is what "Your Heart's Desire" is all about.  And I am finding it to be a true agent of change.

From the text:

"Imagination defines.  Imagination invents.  Imagination gives the Heart's Desire a conduit into the world.  If your desire is true and your beliefs support it, then you imagination will embrace your desire into its rich, fertile soil and begin to give it life."

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