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"Your Hidden Symmetry: How Your Birth Date Reveals the Plan for Your Life" by author and teacher Jean Haner provides a well written and highly insightful guide to the ancient practice of Nine Star Ki and its influence on both individual character and the cycles of personal destiny.  

The book features an easy to use chart which identifies the reader's own personal Nine Star Ki numbers (based on date of birth and ranging from one to nine).  A generous part of the book explains what these numbers tell us about our personality, emotional self and true calling. 

The latter part of the book discusses the Nine Star Ki personal life seasons and explains how an individual can ride "the waves of time" to their own personal destiny.  As a bonus, this section includes some very powerful and timely affirmations created by author and Hayhouse founder Louise Hay for each Nine Star Ki season.

For me, the information given in "Your Hidden Symmetry" was accurate, insightful and extremely affirming.  In this review I will share some of what I learned about myself and the practice of Nine Star Ki.

At its essence, Nine Star Ki is a method of understanding character, destiny and time.   The system may have originated in India as long as 7000 years ago, passing through Tibet and China, to Japan.  It is based upon an understanding of the enduring yin and yang of individual character coupled with the observation of the movement of energy (chi or ki) through time.  

Although the word star appears in its name Nine Star Ki more accurately reflects the natural cycles of our earth (years, seasons, days) and the impact these cycles have on the life of the planet.

According to Nine Star Ki, each of us possesses an underlying nature as well as an outward self which can be tied to the day and year of our birth.  As in astrology, we do not fully understand why this is the case but we can, nonetheless, benefit from the insight it affords.

My personal birth numbers, per the easy to use "" chart are 7.2.1.  Using myself as an example, I will briefly explain their application as follows.

The first number in the sequence relates to overall personality (which includes thoughts, values, patterns of perceptions and needs).  My first number is number Seven: "The Artist."  Qualities which I can strongly relate to included the need to create beauty, "perfectionism run wild" and the importance of boundary setting - though I did find most, if not all, of  the content provided quite helpful.

Possible career choices are suggested by both the first and third number combined.  My first number (number Seven)  suggests an aptitude for communications and gives the examples of writing, public speaking, or the media. Additionally, Haner notes that the Seven's awareness of beauty may also lead to careers in jewelry making, fine art, or graphic designer.  Note that, while Haner did list a few additional career options, I have included these career options here because ALL are things I have done and, in several instances, continue to do.  And there was a time when I was sure that my true direction lay in the practice of visual art.

Interestingly, as well, seven is is my life path number in Pythagorean geometry as well and I strongly identify with the numerical symbolism of Seven. 

The second number given relates to our emotional nature.  My number, number Two, is "The Mother."  It suggests the need to balance worry (caring for others) with calm (inner quiet) something which is a recurrent theme for me.  

I also felt that the author made an interesting point about understanding the difference between our first (personality) and second (emotional) numbers, when she explained that the second number is where we tend to go when we are stressed - meaning that we are more likely to connect with the negative associations of this number. And this quite true for me.  The Two characteristics of caring and service, while wonderful attributes in their own right, have tripped me up and thrown me off course on more than one occasion!

The third Nine Star Ki number focuses on our life challenges and true calling and I found it appropriate that these two areas were combined in the third number.  Our challenges are, after all, the place where we so often learn who we are and who we are not. And Haner explains this beautifully when she says:
"But there is an even more important pattern revealed by your third number, and it has two sides. On one side, it reveals your life challenge, that pattern of problems that you’ll continually bump up against in big and little ways throughout your life. Until you learn its theme, you may not even be aware of how all these problems have the same underlying symmetry. But now you can start to connect the dots and see how this pattern keeps appearing, from small daily problems to major issues that repeat over the decades.
At the same time, when we look on the other side of this pattern, we discover what the Chinese call your destiny or what we might define as your true calling. It represents your greatest power, your ultimate strength, and it’s what you’re evolving toward. You see, your life challenge—the pattern in all these problems you encounter along the way—isn’t bad. It’s actually what provides you the stepping-stones that lead the way to your ultimate goal. It’s only by working through this set of challenges that you can achieve your calling."
My third number was the number One: "Wisdom of the Ancestors" which encompasses issues of fear, secretiveness, family of origin problems and the need to face and develop psychic abilities.  All themes for me throughout my life.  The One also suggests creativity and the need to trust the creative process, which could not be more resonant for me, as well as possible careers in writing or media.

I was wowed by both the accuracy of the information I was given and the way my first and third numbers provided such a coherent picture of my life path.

The interpretation of life cycles was encouraging.  While I don't have time to go into the ten decades, four gates and personal seasons in detail, I will say that I found the personal season information very encouraging.  2013, the book told me, is my year to experience beauty (a seven year), while next year is my year of caterpillar (an eight year).  In 2015, my nine year, I step into the light.

I found the Louise Hay affirmation, specific for this year (my personal seven year) powerful, as well as synchronisitc. Particularly since I have been working toward the first affirmation provided "I gladly give away that which I no longer need in preparation for getting all that I want" for some time now.  And I intend to work with many of the other affirmations on an ongoing basis.

The message of Nine Star Ki and "Your Hidden Symmetry", in the words of Jean Haner, "is not about figuring out what to do; it’s about what to be. If we’re aligned with nature, we can just be, and our actions effortlessly ride the ebb and flow of life."  I could not agree more.

In summary, I felt that "Your Hidden Symmetry" provided me with highly insightful guidance on several very important levels and was consistent with characteristics I consider central to who I am and where I see myself going.

I believe that "Your Hidden Symmetry" is a wonderful resource for anyone looking for insight and guidance in regard to their everyday experience and the greater cycles of personal destiny!
Please Note: I received this ebook from Hay House Publishing for review purposes.

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  1. Thank you. It's really interesting how close the descriptions and meanings were to your actual work and character, thanks for getting me interested and wanting to learn more : )

  2. Thank you! It was a completely new system to me and I found it really interesting. I'm glad you liked the post <3


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