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I began to assemble the supplies for my "Your Heart's Desire" Alchemy Box last night and thought it might be fun to share the process here (as pictured above).  

For anyone who is working through Sonia Choquette's "Your Heart's Desire" workbook and not gotten to Principle Seven, the suggested project for this principle is an Alchemy Box which is in my opinion a good project for anyone (though probably not quite as effective for those who have not read the accompanying text). 

The purpose of the Alchemy Box is to create a magical place to store items symbolizing your heart's desire (or dream) as identified by working with text or through other types of manifestation work and I am really looking forward to assembling those items.

So far I have one of my special butterfly book marks (to symbolize the work I am doing), a set of angel wings representing my goal in spirit and a mirror (actually a mirror sheet) for the inside of the box to reflect who I am now and who I'm becoming.  The box itself was a file box from Joann Fabric which cost less - just over $2 with my 40% off coupon - than the unfinished brown box also available.  (The wings and mirror are from Joann's as well.)

I plan to embellish the outside of the box but I like the light blue color of the file box (they come in an assortment of colors and patterns) and plan to let some of the blue show through.  All I have to do is figure out how to pry off the little metal file plate on e front - or maybe I'll keep it.

Choquette encourages the reader to cover the box inside and out with pictures of celestial beings, holy figures, images of your dream, symbols of your dream, family, yourself at a happy time in your life, creative media you want to work with, places you want to go or whatever you want to achieve.  She also suggests you embellish it to make it uniquely your own.

Items which can be placed inside the box include lavender, cedar, religious / metaphysical items, dried flowers, coins, replicas of your dream, tools you might use and symbolic items.  Choquette suggests that the reader treat the construction of the box like a treasure hunt and spend at least a week assembling the items.

This is going to be fun!

Al·che·my - the power or process of transforming something common into something special.

For more on my work with Sonia Choquette's "Your Heart's Desire" workbook please see:

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