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Here it is - not quite done but almost - My Alchemy Box, as suggested in Sonia Choquette's "Your Heart's Desire" Principle #7.  I do still have a bit to finish.  The inside is not completely done and there is a space on the outside where I need something related to my writing.  

I loved making the box.  I felt that it helped me define my path. I am going to keep all my manifestation materials inside - including, of course, separate pieces of paper for each of my dreams as recommended by Choquette and various symbolic items.  I thought it would be nice to place the items I use in my manifestation meditation - incense, candles and focus items - inside the box.

I will finish the box next week and complete the short ritual outlined in "Your Heart's Desire." Then on to Principles 8 and 9 and the completion of this wonderful book!

Themes: Spiritual Evolution, Accessing Spirit, Writing, Family, Home, Personal Transformation.

Angel Wings.
Glittery Edge (my special shade of blue).

Unfinished Interior: Sign from Spirit Bookmark (and mirror so I can witness my own transformation :)
To read more about my work with the "Your Heart's Desire" workbook please check out the following entries:

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