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The Reincarnation Cards: Awakening Far Memory deck was recommended to me by my friend, psychic Shirley Chase.  Shirley gave me a wonderful and very resonant reading using her own Reincarnation Cards deck and I decided that I wanted to order this beautiful deck as an early birthday present (for myself).  

The reincarnation deck has five different categories of cards designed to provide past life insight via information on  era, occupation, environment, life theme and manner of passing.  You can see each of these in the picture above.  Note that the faces of the cards are vivid and colorful and the back are beautiful as well with a separate color back for each of the five categories.

I found the cards resonant in all five categories and I loved the beautifully bound (with real cloth boards!) and very informative book which came with the deck.  I also felt there was a high degree of internal consistency with this reading.  Protohistoric is interpreted as Atlantean per the book which is very consistent with a marine environment and death by drowning.  The images flow from the peaceful waterfront village to the terrible tsunami looming over the beach.  I appreciate their coherence.

I found a similar consistency in Shirley's reading.  This reading talked about Rome, government and passing in a natural disaster (the card pictures a volcano).  Additionally in this reading I was asking Shirley's advice on my writing issues and she pulled the fear card.  This card shows a person looking in the mirror and seeing not their own face but that of a monster.  An apt illustration for self-worth issues for sure!

I can't wait to take this deck over to my friend Tara's house this Friday night and see what she can do with it!

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  1. I love these! You often introduce me to some very cool stuff, Thank You ! They're on my Amazon wish list ; )

  2. I'm glad! They are cool and the process the author suggests for working with them seems very sound. I'm looking forward to working with them going forward.


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